Aunt died more than a year ago, 90 years old uncle tearfully sent a necklace to his niece: thanks for taking care of her when she was seriously ill

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Article/Huang Xiaoguai original is not easy, such as found plagiarism/wash draft, will investigate!People, no matter who should have a heart of gratitude, everything should try to do empathy, so that people will be happy to get along with others, calm some.Most of the time should not haggle over every ounce, more should not feel that others are good to us, people around us pay for us are taken for granted, because in our real life is not so taken for granted, on the contrary, most of the time to pay is two-way.Ms. Wang and aunt since childhood very good feelings, usually aunt to her is not thin, even after Ms. Wang has married children, she and aunt feelings are still a lot.One year ago, my aunt suddenly fell seriously ill. Because my cousin was busy with her work, she could not go to the hospital to take care of her mother.And the uncle is already 90 years old and needs people to take care of, so to take care of his seriously ill wife is also willing but not able to take care of aunt’s heavy task fell on Ms. Wang.From then on, Ms. Wang took care of her aunt in the hospital every day, and she was responsible for her aunt’s food and drink. Her cousin sometimes came to help her when she was free.People who have taken care of patients in the hospital have a deep experience, take care of patients tired not to say also particularly hard, because the patient is a person to eat and drink laza busy, rest is not good, sometimes have to keep comforting patients, the kind of suffering only their own heart clear.In the end, her aunt died of illness. After finishing the aunt’s affairs with her uncle and cousin, Ms. Wang was busy with her own affairs.So after more than a year, approaching the Chinese New Year, Ms. Wang thought there had been more than a year not to visit my uncle, so she bought a gift and hurried to my uncle’s house, see the arrival of Ms. Wang’s uncle was very excited, my uncle has been saying thank you, then my uncle took out a small cloth bag from the room.Then Ms. Wang opened the cloth bag and took out a gold necklace from it and handed it to Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang was startled. She did not understand why she would give her the necklace.At this moment, my uncle cried and explained that when his wife was seriously ill, neither he nor his daughter could go to the hospital to take care of her, thanks to my niece who took care of her day and night in the hospital.He wanted to give the necklace to his niece as a memento because the family had always appreciated her efforts, although she died of illness.Ms. Wang felt that the gift was too expensive for her to accept. After several refus, her uncle insisted on giving the necklace to Ms. Wang, but Ms. Wang had to temporarily accept the necklace.When she got home, Ms. Wang told her husband about the necklace, and he thought it was too expensive.So Ms. Wang hurriedly called her uncle to send her necklace with cousin said, cousin also said it doesn’t matter, let her feel at ease to accept, don’t have any psychological burden, cousin let her take the necklace as a souvenir.After the video, netizens have expressed their views. Some netizens said they agreed with Wang’s uncle’s practice and advised Wang to accept the necklace given to her by his uncle, because it was a little kindness.A netizen also said: “No matter affection, friendship or love, we all need” reciprocity “, no matter warm actions or goods, love is always mutual.”I support what the netizen said, because gold has a price, but friendship is priceless.As a matter of fact, my uncle’s family and Ms. Wang are all affectionate, kind and grateful people. I believe that they will live a happy life in the future.Therefore, Ms. Wang does not have to feel uncomfortable, or feel that the gift is too expensive, because it is her pay first, uncle they want to repay her kindness, uncle is already 90 years old, keep the necklace as a souvenir, because it is a small gift of uncle.Xiaoguai point of view: I feel warm after watching this video, because both Ms. Wang and my uncle are very kind and grateful people.Not everyone can take good care of her seriously ill aunt, because as the saying goes, “No filial son before a long hospital bed”, even her own children may not be able to take care of her day and night, let alone her niece.For looking after its us or who had helped us, we should have a grateful heart, the range is in our power to reward ever helped us, and even if the net friend said the man, whether family love, friendship or love, all need to “return”, I think only know each other but such relationships can be kept for a long time.Otherwise unilateral pay, sooner or later will collapse.This is not a matter of haggling over every ounce, and people should get along with each other in this way, only in this way both sides know how to pay and gratitude to get along with the most comfortable relationship will be a long time, know that everything is not so much for granted.