Cofco announces new brand spokesperson and Gourmet Tasting Officer to present “Good Taste of China”

2022-05-31 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, COFCO Catering officially announced its new brand spokesperson and gourmet tasting officer for 2022, once again becoming the focus of attention in the Chinese catering industry.The signing of brand spokesperson and food tasting officer is another major measure of COFCO’s brand building, aiming to work with food masters to promote Chinese food culture and help them create more classic Chinese taste with high-quality products.It is understood that coFCO catering signed the two brand spokesperson are fusion cuisine master Qian Yibin, Sichuan cuisine master Qiu Kehong, food tasting officer is Hunan cuisine master Wu Yungui.These three food masters have made many brilliant achievements in their respective fields, and have a high reputation and wide influence in the catering industry.Master Qian Yibin, the leader of modern Chinese Fusion cuisine, is the founder of “Fusion Cuisine” creative Kitchen. With his professional skills and pioneering ideas, he has brought dream kitchen into reality and has been committed to cultivating and exploring young Chinese chefs and strengthening the connection between Chinese cuisine and the world.Master Qian Yibin participated in WGS World Chef Summit in 2016 and became the first Chinese celebrity chef invited by the organizing committee in the history of the summit.He has served as the Chinese technical guidance expert of the 44th World Skills Competition cooking project, the Coach of the Chinese National Cooking team of the 2016 German Olympic Cooking Competition, and the judge of the Chinese Food of the 19th FHC China International Cooking Art Competition and other major international competitions.Master Qiu Kehong, known as one of chengdu’s artisans and one of the top ten Sichuan chefs,Successively served as the association of Chinese restaurant chef committee vice chairman, catering, dean of the school of national level of the judges, the edible orange roots sweet cooking, professional skill appraisal experts committee of sichuan province, the first China sichuan cuisine competition outstanding judges, the sixth national cooking contest judges, the 7th national vocational skills competition in sichuan hotel division commander, etc.Master Qiu Kehong sticks to the inheritance and dissemination of Sichuan cuisine culture, serving as the global promotion ambassador of Sichuan cuisine culture;He has devoted himself to culinary teaching and taught for tens of thousands of culinary students in decades of teaching.Edited many professional works to promote the brand development of the catering industry, known as the most attractive market of the new generation of cooking masters.Master Wu Yungui, known as one of the top ten Famous Chefs in China, has been struggling in the culinary industry for more than 20 years. He is the vice chairman of the Famous Chef Committee of China Hotel Association, the national first-class judge, and has won the Golden Chef Award, young Culinary Artist and many other honors. In 2019, he was named “Hunan Cuisine of the Year” title.National brand holding hands with national cooking masters is the mutual recognition of both sides, but also the mutual empowerment of both sides, to jointly create national quality brand, perfect interpretation of COFCO catering in the continuous diversification of upgrading.Cofco catering has always been committed to the inheritance and development of Chinese cuisine culture, and work together with masters and chefs in the catering industry for the innovation and development of Chinese classic taste.Today, according to the development needs of the catering industry, coFCO catering, as a comprehensive service provider of the catering supply chain, makes use of its advantages in product research and development, processing technology and other aspects, while expanding and strengthening the catering oil, comprehensively extends the catering channel kitchen products.The company launched white sugar, vinegar, cooking wine and other condiments and strength washing detergent and other kitchen daily chemical products, become the most intimate partner of the master chef.Chinese food culture has a long history, extensive and profound, but also has many superb cooking, the spirit of the original cooking masters.Cofco catering hopes to promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese cuisine and carry forward Chinese cuisine culture by working with these food masters.With food masters, add flavor and color to the Chinese taste.Today, coFCO catering has won the trust and praise of many well-known catering enterprises and food masters by virtue of its excellent quality, rich categories and mellow taste.In the future, COFCO catering will continue to be committed to providing nutritious, healthy and safe kitchen products to enable high-quality development of the catering industry and satisfy consumers’ better lives.Editor: su