Most of the perplexities of convention and exhibition venue people can be found here

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Exhibition venues include: convention center/convention center/conference hotel/cultural and creative space/activity venue/performance center/sports venue.Stadiums are under construction, under construction, expanded, in operation, some new, some old, some big, some small, some well run, some have a lot to worry about.
There is a lot of confusion in the operation and management of convention venues, mainly in the following aspects: ● The expectations of the government and owners of the convention center are too high!(To put it more grandly:New value from the new perspective of convention and exhibition center, the new competition) when the evolution of the large community meetings and expectations of new destination city and convention and exhibition center and the development trend of low exhibition for the new requirements of the convention and exhibition center’s new features large enterprise activities demand low misery of small and medium-sized facility operation low price, new media marketing and exhibition venues and popularizationSales reservation, price system and new sources of venue income ● On-site operation and project coordination, catering service and innovation, service quality and epidemic prevention and control ● Difficulties, paths and practical solutions of digital exhibition venues ● Catering of exhibition venues:Outsourcing or self-management ● The art of communication with the government and owners ● Exhibition + performing arts + sports events + cultural and creative, what else can be + ● It is difficult to recruit young people do not want to work in the convention and Exhibition center. Most of the puzzles about recruitment, training and retention can be found here.
The 2022 China Convention and Exhibition Venue Operation And Management Forum, hosted by China Society of Convention and Exhibition Economics, will be held in Hangzhou International Expo Center from April 19 to 22, 2022.
Beijing Huakai International Exhibition Co., LTD. Hangzhou International Expo Center Exhibition Planning Co., LTD
After repeated research and careful polishing of the agenda, here it is.
1. Sneak peek: Visit hangzhou Asian Games Venues (planned)
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium and Natatorium (photo source: Internet) 2. YES(Young Executives’ Sharing) 3. C-suite Special Cocktail Party (Venue General Manager and some organizers are invited to attend) 4.Go to wuzhen water town, visit Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center, Wuzhen Light of the Internet Expo Center ▼ Sincerely welcome recommendation, self-recommendation as sharing guests, such as “the convention center of the women’s toilet is always a long line, not good, they occupy the men’s room!”You have very good opinions on such topics.Contact details are as follows.Kui Lady: 135 2164 2668 Mr. Li: 139 0125 4173