Shippers, cherish the last generation born in the 60s and 70s

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As the saying goes: give money are big ye.This word in some cargo owners is really reflected incisively and vividly, he is to give money, the driver is “money”, feel superior to others, always Shouting to the driver.However, we must remind these shippers, please cherish the current batch of 60, 70 drivers, because when they do not move, you will never find such a hard-working driver!Why cherish drivers born in the 60s and 70s?Because those who do not have the bottom line of cargo owners, only the 60, 70 after the old generation of drivers can endure.The older generation, who have suffered too much from childhood, know that life is not easy, so they are more tolerant than the young people. They think that it is better to endure things than to do things less when going out.But now times become too fast, young people are more and more personality, they did not go through the bitter life of the older generation, from small to large although not say how rich, but at least a lot of food a lot of clothes.The young drivers after 90 have not suffered too much, unlike the drivers after 60 and 70 so easy to talk, never spoil the shippers.When the owner of the cargo asked the driver to help unloading: after 60 or 70, the driver thought: the next loading place is not easy to go, the time can not be delayed, forget it, do it, early unloading and early completion!90 hind driver direct rebuff: I which line!I’ve never done this before. You guys are pros. You have to do this!When other drivers are small shoes, not to unload: 60, 70 after the driver thought: early accustomed to this kind of thing, people have to bow in the field, other brothers, such as a 1, 2 days unloading is also common, in order to less trouble end often choose to take a step back.90 after the driver directly leave: do not unload for me, deliberately difficult?Ok, I pull the goods away, let the owner of his own money to take people to the freight station to carry it!When we agreed to load 15 tons of goods in advance, the consignor insisted to add more when we arrived at the local place: after 60 or 70 years, the driver thought: out of the sports car will more or less encounter some trouble, often walking along the river where there are not wet shoes?Forget it, there’s no money to be made, so fake it and pay attention on the way…90 hind driver one mouthful refuse: sorry, I have no so big ability!You can stick to the deal, or you can find someone else. It’s up to you.Shippers, your business is not going to be so good, because the old drivers who put up with your unreasonable demands are going to retire soon.By then, you’ll miss the old drivers, but you know, it’ll be too late!Cherish the last batch of 60, 70 drivers, after another decade, 90 drivers can not be used to you!Discussion time: What age are you a driver?END Road is a professional maintenance organization for large vehicles. We have professional maintenance technicians and convenient on-site service for truck maintenance. Please contact us at 400-0555-950