Geely Emgrand: Cheap cars also have cost performance

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In China, the car market is generally dominated by joint ventures.The car that independent brand can let common people tell a name is very few however.But there is such a domestic car, a total of 3.25 million cars sold, often appear in the top ten car sales list, is the highest sales of domestic brands.The key is that it is “an evergreen tree” that still stands for 12 years.It is today’s “hero” Auspicious Emgrand.Emgrand appearance is closer to its “big brother” Star rui.Shield-shaped straight waterfall in the elegant and generous net, 18 columns as if “sound string” embellished among them.With black brand LOGO and two sides of the three-section pulse LED daily running lights, more of a medium-sized car temperament.The design of the side of the body is simple and clear, with a waist line running through the front and back as the highlight of the side.The body size is 4638/1820/1460mm and the wheelbase is 2650mm.Both front and rear tires are 205/50 R17, with Gitong tires and a multi-spoke radial silver and black two-color wheel design.The tail-running taillight is designed, and the blackened trim with the English logo of “GEELY” is integrated with it, giving a sense of atmosphere and technology of “lamp factory”.The interior of emgrand is also beyond the appearance of a car worth tens of thousands of yuan. The interior of blue and white color makes it more contemporary and technological compared with those all-black cars with the same price.The central control part, the door panel are wrapped in a large number of soft materials, the official claimed that the vehicle soft material coverage rate is more than 85%, such a price emgrand in the interior can be described as a big expense.Equipped with the same level of unique constant temperature steering wheel, 540° panoramic image, GKUI vehicle intelligent network system and other high-end technology configuration;And also equipped with a healthy cockpit fresh air system and intelligent situational air conditioning interactive system, these configurations can be said to be not only in the same level leading, even many high-end luxury models are not equipped.The front seats are stitched together with leather and fur materials, making them look more fashionable and advanced.The seat for the waist and leg support are relatively in place, and the seat also supports electric adjustment.To the back row, the front row adjusts the driving sitting head space about four fingers, the back row head space can also have about four fingers, the leg distance from the front row is close to the space of two fists, the back row central floor is only about 5 centimeters high, the back row seat space and comfort are very good.In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1.5L in-line four-cylinder DVVT all-aluminum engine, with a maximum power of 84kW and a maximum torque of 147N·m.The engine is matched with 5MT and 8CVT transmission, among which the 8CVT automatic transmission can simulate the 8-level transmission, adopts the hydraulic torque converter structure design, higher transmission efficiency, power output is more smooth.Currently, the emgrand is priced between 69,900 yuan and 88,900 yuan.People choose view: it is one thing to believe in geely’s reputation and quality, on the other hand the car price is really high cost performance, overall spend 7-80000 to buy a high level in appearance, interior is luxurious, stable quality, configuration rich emgrand, no matter how to say it is cost-effective, this probably is the reason that the most people choose it.Interior: the overall design of the fourth generation Emgrand leans towards science and technology and simplicity. The adoption of 12.3-inch digital instrument, 10.25-inch suspended central control screen and penetrating air conditioner air outlet highlights the sense of science and technology and fashion.The horizontal and straight interior line design echoes the exterior design style, showing a simple design style, but simple is not simple interior soft material coverage of more than 85%, more texture.Driving: household transportation, sufficient power, economy.Domestic three pieces of skill still need to improve, 1.5L horsepower is only 109.Speed up to 2900, speed up.Air conditioning on urban roads has no impact.