“Nutritionist Training” is Not a “Career myth”

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How to drink milk if you are lactose intolerant, there are recipes for preventing hair loss, and science is needed for light fasting.Public dietitians are one of a growing number of niche professions that are being sought after by society’s growing health needs.The reporter found that the new career is favored behind, some training institutions fish eyes mixed beads, with “0 yuan learning” “package take certificate” “graduation recommended high salary work” to attract students, but students “learning”, not only failed to find a job, but also the fee has no door, some people even since the back of the net loan.0 yuan with high salary training class propaganda has “high recruit” 0 yuan course, after the experience is the net loan.Reporters found that some public nutritionist training institutions often with “0 yuan learning” “low class” as a gimmick, to attract students to click consultation, induction of multiple rounds of consumption, some people even did not have a class on the back of the Internet loan.After the reporter entered the 0 yuan public nutritionist experience class group of an organization, the training tutor recommended “99 yuan to get a seat fee”, and then recommended 5000 yuan and 8000 yuan of two classes, and said that the order that night to enjoy the hua Bei, credit card installment interest-free.The training tutor also provided an online loan platform. When the reporter asked whether ungraduated college students could handle it, the tutor said that they could change their college identity when applying.Low threshold, high income, money “exam free” can also buy “job”.In a social platform, the reporter added “Wuhan XX Health Management Division Co., LTD.” staff, the other party promised to pay 3,280 yuan to participate in online teaching, “package certificate”.In addition, the reporter found that many public nutritionist training institutions of the course services can be called “nanny” level, not only after passing the certificate, thousands of yuan reward, recommended considerable salary part-time or full-time jobs, not to pass the full refund.But behind the rich “benefits” of these courses, the prices are also higher, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.Fuzzy industry information, cheat students to sign up for payment.Reporter experience found that some training institutions in order to sell classes, often use some vague information to create a sense of tension.”It’s hard to get a job without getting a certificate” “public nutritionist registration policy may change in July this year” “The last batch of non-related majors to apply”…Continue to guide students to sign up for payment.But when the reporter asked the industry information source, the other side was vague, continue to “probably” “not sure” “will” repeatedly persuasion.Mia to textual research Training after a feather people in liaoning province to club hall related staff told reporters that public nutritionists as an emerging profession, people club department promulgated in December 2021, the relevant national vocational skills standard, divided into four level, by unit of choose and employ persons and social training evaluation organization concrete implementation and issue the certificate of professional skill level.Applicants need to attend unified theoretical knowledge examination, skill assessment and comprehensive evaluation.Alleged “exempt from examination” “pack had passed” not credible, spend money to buy card, can buy kui eat only.Shaoxing, zhejiang province, the people’s procuratorate has just released a case: an education consulting company in charge “body”, “linked” name of lure students to enter oneself for an examination of health management, psychological consultant, public nutritionists “national authoritative department certification certificate”, took the national hundreds of students and money a total of more than 10.41 million yuan.Reporters found that in addition to the “exam free” scam, many institutions are not carefully arranged courses, training quality is uneven.The recommended employment that some orgnization propagandize, full refund fee is more difficult cash.Zhang signed up for a public nutritionist course at an institution on social media platforms in 2021, when the training tutor promised to introduce her to a part-time job after taking the certificate.However, after the course ended, the other party refused to refund the fee to Ms. Zhang, citing “repeated outbreaks” and “submitted registration information.”Ms Zhang’s experience is not alone.On the Black cat complaint platform, there are 149 messages with “public dietitian” as the key word.Among them, most of them are complaints about related training institutions that are difficult to fulfill promises, false propaganda, induced consumption and borrowing.Strong supervision to cool down the “certificate fever” public dietitian certification is really so “fragrant”?The reporter found in a number of online recruitment platforms, public nutritionist certificate is not as part of the organization said, can “go all over the world with one certificate”.Many nutrition, health positions, in addition to the certificate, the applicant’s degree, professional fit, experience put forward different requirements.Relevant practitioners told reporters that many network agencies deliberately create “career myth” when promoting, directly linking “certificate” with “high salary”.But in fact, public dietitians who only rely on short-term training are not really competent for the complex work in reality.In addition, “0 yuan learning”, “high salary employment”, “pay money on the package” these training institutions “routines” may be suspected of illegal.Liu Yan, a lawyer from Liaoning Tongfang Law Firm, pointed out that if the content, price or promises related to training services are inconsistent with the actual situation and have a material impact on consumers’ purchasing behavior, it is false propaganda.But the operator does not fulfill the contract obligation, does not introduce the work according to the contract, provides the examination behavior then constitutes the contract breach, may also be suspected fraud and so on criminal crime.A few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a document, starting in March will be technical skills of “shanzhai certificate” special governance.Conduct investigation and handling for arbitrarily holding training, evaluation, license issuing activities, arbitrary charges, excessive license issuing, false publicity and other behaviors, and put these training institutions and evaluation institutions violating disciplines and regulations into the “blacklist”.According to Zhang Sining, a researcher at liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, public certification agencies, such as nutritionists, health managers, psychological consultants and dubbing artists, have emerged one after another.At present, it is the spring recruitment season of “Gold, Silver and Four” college students, blind “verification” is not desirable, job seekers need to combine their own reality, rational choice.(Reporter Wu Jiangmin)