South Korea is concentrating on destroying hundreds of millions of expired QR codes used in response to COVID-19

2022-06-01 0 By

South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission announced on April 6 that it had destroyed hundreds of millions of expired QR codes used in various facilities in response to novel coronavirus infections.The Personal Information Protection Commission of South Korea on April 6 released the results of its inspection on whether to destroy expired QR codes between April 10 and 30.From June 2020 to February this year, the ministry used 4.22 billion QR codes, of which 20 million, or 0.47 percent, were used for epidemiological investigations.That means an average of 6.6 million QR codes are used every day, or 200 million per month.The codes are automatically destroyed after four weeks of deployment to “protect users’ privacy,” the Commission explained.(Shi Tianyang)