Attention, pay as soon as possible!The deadline is coming!

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Warm prompt: the 2022 urban and rural residents health online payment: 2 the end of the city’s urban and rural residents, according to the provincial health bureau, provincial departments, provincial tax authority regarding the 2021 urban and rural residents’ medical security work notice (anhui health care hair [2021] no. 7), 2022 urban and rural residents medical insurance fund raising concentrated payment deadline is:Online payment channels will be closed on February 28, 2022.Those who pay offline from March 1 will not be able to enjoy the current year’s medical insurance treatment until 6 months after the date of payment. Urban and rural residents are requested to pay for insurance as soon as possible.Medical insurance bureau on February 15, 2022 of chuzhou information source | chuzhou medical insurance bureau, good chuzhou edit | gui-yun wang pre-trial | | Wang Fei final wen-ying ye organizer | reed {langya} district party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China to undertake unit | reed {langya} zone melting media center to just!Urgent reminder!Period face to face to receive visit solid solution!Today, Nirvana in fire here is very busy, did you go to recommend rare!This year “15 of the moon seventeen round”!Public service advertisement