“High-tech branch” organized the party history study education thematic democratic life

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In accordance with the relevant requirements of the superior party history study and education thematic democratic life, on the morning of January 14, the Party committee of gaoxin Public Security Sub-bureau took “vigorously carry forward the great spirit of party building, adhere to and develop the historical experience of the Party’s century-old struggle, strengthen historical confidence, practice the mission of The Times, cultivate the feelings for the people, have the courage to take responsibility,Unity to lead the people to walk road of the new place “as the theme, specialized Democratic Party history study education and life, contact the bureau party committee organized group and individual ideological style, work reality, in-depth ZhaBai six problems, seriously sum up experience, open communication ideas, analyze the party spirit, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism.Shi Guisheng, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the sub-bureau, presided over the meeting and made a summary speech. All members of the Party committee team of the sub-bureau attended the meeting, and relevant comrades from the command center and political office attended the meeting as non-delegates.Team members to the meeting, bureau take self-study, collective discussion, in-depth study and implement new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, learn important speech, learn important instructions instructions, rules the party constitution, to further stress the thought and theory basis of a good democratic life;The opinions and suggestions of relevant units of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, police departments of the branch and representatives of the masses from all walks of life were widely solicited by issuing letters of soliciting opinions.Mainly responsible for comrades and team members, team members carried out in-depth talks between each other, for the development of a positive and healthy ideological struggle to lay a solid foundation;On the basis of identifying and verifying prominent problems, I seriously wrote the materials for team and individual comparison inspection, so as to find out the problems deeply, analyze the root causes accurately and rectify the direction clearly, which made full preparation for opening a high-quality special topic democratic life.At the meeting, first of all, 2020 will be notified of the rectification of the democratic life and the implementation of party history study and education special democratic life to solicit opinions.Subsequently, Director Shi Guisheng on behalf of the sub-bureau party committee team for a control inspection, and take the lead in personal control inspection, take the initiative to accept criticism.After that, the team members carried out individual control examination one by one, and carried out criticism and self-criticism.