In 2022, the national pension under 3,000 yuan will rise by 20%. Really?

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Pension is the only source of income for most of the elderly, and the amount of pension directly affects the quality of retirement life. Since 2005, the pension has achieved 17 consecutive increases. Recently, there is good news that the 2022 pension increase window opens, and the pension 18 consecutive increases are almost a sure thing.However, some retirees believe that the bigger the pension increase, the bigger the gap, so they are calling for lower control, lower pension increase, recently, some retirees online legend: “in 2022, the national pension less than 3,000 yuan unified 20% increase”, is this true?First of all to give you pour cold water, the unification of the pension is less than 3000 yuan rose by 20%, it is surely not true, in the case of pension gap is big, people club department and the Treasury are taking a series of measures, slowly closing the gap, but the rise in pension is a process of comprehensively, directly to the pension low rise in large proportion,A 20% rise in pensions, for example, is unlikely, for two reasons.First, do not conform to the pension pay more and more long to pay pension has always followed the principle of more pay more and more long pay more, if capture to expend less can rise in such a big margin, the capture to expend more, nature is not willing to pay more, greatly hurt the enthusiasm of everyone to pay social security, so that hand in the social security of people less, is not conducive to the sustainable development of the pension fund,It is easy for pension funds to make more money than they earn and pay more and more pensions, which directly becomes a vicious circle.Second, if it is less than 3000 yuan pension rose 20%, the amount is too large, pension funds, it is hard to burden the national pension average of 3000 yuan or so, some of the retiree pensions at QiBaQian, even tens of thousands, but less than 3000 yuan pension accounts for most, if according to this adjustment, assuming that pension is RMB 2500,Rose 20% is 500 yuan, all retirees increases the total amount is very huge, will let us state pension funds under very big pressure, after all, only see a person seems to be not much, but the whole country so many retirees, you grow a little, I grow a little, but a very large cumulative amount of pension funds is hard to bear,So it’s impossible to go up like that.Write in the final pension gap big problems, not only care about retiree, countries also attaches great importance to, at the same time also trying to close the gap, but this is a gradual process, will not happen overnight, according to the scheme of rising in recent years, almost all is according to the norm adjustment, hook and tilt adjustment of three steps, the difference is mainly linked to adjust, so in recent years,All provinces are reducing the proportion of the link between the number of years of contribution and the level of pension, and increased the amount of quota adjustment, which is actually the main purpose of gradually narrowing the gap.The most important thing for retirees is to take good care of their health. The future is promising. What do you think about the pension adjustment in 2022?Welcome to like, forward, follow @social security window, knowledge every day.