Military school recruit students difficulty, even national defense section big also had to lower fractional line, why?

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In many teenagers’ minds, being a soldier may be their biggest dream, especially for boys.But when many boys grow up, they find it difficult to become a soldier, and even harder to enter a military school.The admission of the military academy, like many universities, can be obtained through the national college entrance examination.And the military academy is generally admitted in advance, even if the military academy is not admitted, it does not affect the admission of other colleges, do not affect the future of students.But even so, the current admissions situation is not optimistic.Review of Admissions to the Military Academy in 2021.The 2022 college entrance examination is not yet here, but the admission of the military academy in 2021 is clear.Judging from the admission situation of the Military academy in 2021, many military academies have been rejected, including the national University of Defense Technology, the most famous of the military academies, which has many vacancies.As a matter of fact, many college students hope to join the army.Most parents are willing to let their children join the army. Many of our young people also hope to join the army.So why are military school admissions so disappointing?Especially like the national Defense university such a famous university, why will also be cold?A lot of vacancies?In Jiangsu Province, for example, many well-known military academies have lowered the minimum score for filing.Are students reluctant to apply for military schools?Or is military school not worth applying for anymore?Why is it so hard to recruit military students?There are a lot of practical reasons. It’s not that people don’t want to go.National Defense University of Science and Technology is one of 985 famous universities and also a university for training military high-tech talents in China.The students who take an examination of national defense science university can say that the quality of students is not bad than tsinghua and Peking University.So why can’t such a prestigious university recruit?The reason is actually quite simple.First: the military college admission requirements are high, not just based on the college entrance examination scores.Take an examination of other colleges and universities, see is the score of the college entrance examination, as long as the score achieves the standard basic can be admitted smoothly.But the military academy is different, in addition to the score, the students’ personal physical requirements are also very high.For example, height, general requirements for boys in 162 centimeters above, girls in 160 centimeters above.People who can’t reach them don’t want them.For example, visual acuity, naked eye visual acuity less than 4.5, unqualified, individual professional requirements are higher.In addition, students have very strict requirements on blood pressure, weight, skin, etc.Military medical examination is quite strict, as long as one does not meet the requirements, many students are because of the physical examination is not qualified to lose the opportunity to attend the military academy.Second: it is more and more difficult for some servicemen to find employment after they are transferred.The student that military school graduates does not worry obtain employment, because military school is package allocation, after graduation the country allocates where to where to work, basically go up in the army, pay still is pretty good.But even if the college students who graduate from the military academy, to the army, it is impossible to have a very high rank, for the lower rank of the people, may be involved in the second employment, that is, after the re-employment.At present, the employment situation is not very good around the army, so the employment situation is not optimistic, some may not be able to find a suitable job for a long time.This is probably one of the main reasons why some people don’t want to go to military school. They think about the future a little bit more.Third: there are more and more only children, many parents do not want their only son to join the army and suffer.Although being a soldier is a very glorious and proud thing, but with the popularity of China’s one-child policy, every family is almost a child, rare for expensive, children less, pampered, reluctant to bear children suffering and suffering.So even if some young people are willing to join the army, parents and grandparents may not be willing to do so.After all, being a soldier is different from other jobs. It is very painful, especially when disaster comes, those who rush to the front must be soldiers. Our parents really do not want to give up their children.Is it still necessary to go to military school?Personally, I think it is very necessary.Although the military academy is cold, I personally think that if children really like to join the army and have the dream of being a soldier, they should go to the military academy to experience it, especially for families with poor economic conditions.Cadets do not have to spend any money to attend the military academy. The school covers all the expenses, and the school also gives each student monthly living expenses.It can be said that, as long as the military academy, the family almost need not spend a penny to support a college student.In addition, after graduation, there is no need to worry about work, all packages are allocated, are in the army, the treatment is still very high.The most important thing is that the army itself is a very good university, and even an uneducated troublemaking person can be transformed in the army, let alone anyone else.The influence of the army on a person is absolutely lifelong and definitely worth attending.The 2022 college entrance examination is only a few months away. If children want to apply for the military academy, they must prepare well in advance, especially for some requirements of the physical examination. Only in this way can they ensure smooth admission.No matter how cold the military academy is, it is impossible for the military academy to lower the requirements for admission, because the quality of the soldiers is related to the security of a country.In this sense, the strict admission of the military academy is beneficial to us, so it should become the dream of every student.What do you think about that?Share it too!