Millions of women and children have benefited from free screening for cancer and disease for many years in Henan

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Henan province held a press conference on improving health care for women and children by 2021.Zhengzhou, Henan (CNS) — The information Office of henan Provincial Government held a press conference on February 11 to introduce the government’s plan to improve health care for women and children in 2021.By 2021, the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the Henan Provincial government had included free screening for two cancers for five consecutive years and free screening for two cancers for four consecutive years, benefiting millions of women and children.In 2021, 1.424,400 women in Henan and 1.459,900 women in Henan will receive free screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer, respectively, and 841,200 newborn babies will be screened for two diseases, both exceeding the annual target, Cui Ailan, vice chairman of the Women’s Federation of Henan, said in a briefing.Screening of “two cancers” for women and “two diseases” for newborns is one of the key practical matters concerning the people’s livelihood in Henan Province in 2021, which is related to the health of millions of women and children.Despite the superimposed epidemic situation in 2021, the Women’s Federation of Henan Province and other relevant responsible units are still pushing forward the completion of free screening work in the whole province.Cui reported that by December 31, 2021, 587,900 cases of free prenatal ultrasound screening, with a screening rate of 69.31 percent, and 591,100 cases of serological prenatal screening, with a screening rate of 69.68 percent, had been provided in Henan.A total of 841,200 neonates were screened for “two diseases”, with a screening rate of 99.16%. A total of 836,100 neonates were screened for hearing, with a screening rate of 98.55%.The coverage rate of prenatal screening was 55%, the screening rate of “two diseases” was 90%, and the hearing screening rate was 90%.Free screening provides an umbrella for the health of women and children and buys time for timely treatment.In 2021, henan will allocate 732 million yuan to ensure the smooth implementation of the screening program, even though the fiscal revenue and expenditure contradiction at all levels of the province is extremely prominent, the circular said.Henan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs accurately identified, in-depth ranking, so that eligible women with subsistence allowances to achieve the “screening should be screened”.Cui Ailan said that over the years, henan province women’s federation for the “two cancer” low-income women relief fund of 129.41 million yuan, for the provincial finance “two cancer” rescue special funds of 100 million yuan, for cancer screening out of poverty or low-income women each provide 10000 yuan of funds, the province 22941 women received aid and health care.(after)