New Year new luck, big crucian carp small carp come to greet

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Last night, the snow fell heavily. It was a auspicious snow and a good harvest.Woke up in the morning, looked out of the window, the snow had disappeared, I also want to go out to play with the snow!Think of the dribs and drabs of the snow fight in his hometown in the north, the south can not feel that feeling.The fishing umbrella was broken yesterday, and I threw it directly in place, so that someone might be able to use it.Eat something in the morning and think about going fishing!Bait is boiled in warm water at home in advance, go out at half past eight, catch early today.Before I left, I took a new pair of gloves. Because of the rain yesterday, the thick gloves had been completely wet.Time :2022.2.3 Place: Batou Harbor Water depth :1.0 m Target: Carp fishing rod: 3.6 m line group :0.8+0.4+ sleeve 3 Float :1.2 g reed drift nest Bait: wine rice, commodity bait hemp to go fishing chair, take out the line group fishing rod, hit a little wine rice.All the work before fishing has been finished, the time is nearly nine o ‘clock, lit a cigarette, I was thinking about one thing: today will repeat the script of the previous two days?And a big carp?Well, if that’s the case, I could buy a lottery ticket.The fishing spot has swollen and is ten centimeters deeper than yesterday.I waited for nearly an hour before I got to a stalk.A fisherman caught two crucian carp.Time eye eye will come to ten o ‘clock in the morning, I did not see any action floating, playing for a while mobile phone.Put down the phone, just pick up the pole, huh?Did you hit the jackpot?I saw the fishing rod instantly is a big bow, as expected is in the big fish!I thought it was carp, a careful look turned out to be tail catty crucian carp!Quickly slip over it, successfully landed.Careful observation, turned out to be released fish, can not help but disappointed.After finishing this tail jin crucian carp, fell into silence again, the fishing friend next door and I, nearly two hours, except me on a carp, he had no harvest.Then the sky floated up a light rain, looking at the rain I fell into meditation, can not wait like this, I have two fishing chair forward, pull float nearly 20 cm, yes!I’m going to stretch out the range of this attack in limited space.That way you can go a little deeper, maybe touch the fish.This trick does have some effect, smoke seven or eight pole, on a wheat ear a lie tiger, and busy smoke a few pole, on carp, it seems that this trick is very effective.It was noon, and though it was not much to eat, it was better than nothing.The next moment, directly fishing next door friend “run”, a fellow anhui little brother (two days ago in fishing chat with me) very accidentally came to my side, laughing and joking I lifted pole and “big thing”!Sure enough, it was a tail of carp, but it was heavy.See this scene, the little elder brother straight thumbs-up, satisfied you!Three carp in three days, plus a kilo of crucian carp.The angler next door, this unbearable, no need to endure, directly pick up the guy to transfer the battlefield.Little brother and I talked about the day and left, I in the next two hours, almost no fish, drag to nearly three o ‘clock in the afternoon, clean up things to go home.Old rule before we leave, let go what we should, and take what we can.These three days of fishing have been amazing, sometimes luck comes and it’s important to catch the chance.