Nanchang city has steadily promoted various livelihood projects, and continued to implement road network unblocked action

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On September 30, 2021, Zhenjun Road tunnel was opened to traffic.On December 26, 2021, Nanchang Metro Line 4 was put into operation.On January 1, 2022, the reconstruction project of Haiguan Bridge and surrounding roads was completed and opened to traffic.On January 19, 2022, the road upgrading project of Yanjiang Zhongbei Avenue was completed;On January 20, 2022, the transformation of Taohua Road (Hongcheng Road – Shuichang Road) will be completed;On January 24, 2022, the south extension of Xiangshan South Road and the surrounding road project of Shengjin Tower will be completed;On January 25, 2022, the “Beard Project” of luoyang East Road Pipe Corridor was completed;On January 26, 2022, Aixihu Tunnel was opened to traffic.The comprehensive renovation of Luoyang East Road (Qingshanhu Dadao – Jingdong Dadao) in Nanchang will be completed before the Spring Festival in 2022…What the people want, the government wants.In order to improve the well-being of the masses, the acquisition, nanchang to advance the people’s livelihood projects, continue to implement network unimpeded action, especially the key initiative, a group of “project,” tackling tough problems for urban development and press the “fast forward button”, through the crowd and tangible, good, continue to “overweight” happiness.On January 20, 2022, the peach Blossom Road in Xihu District of Nanchang was opened to traffic, the first of 29 beard projects in the city to be completed.”Beard Project” refers to infrastructure projects that are slow, delayed and not put into use for a long time, taking up a large amount of capital, damaging the image of the city and harming the interests of the people.In this regard, Nanchang city has carried out a one-year special action for the government investment construction project “Beard Project”, and 29 projects have carried out inverted schedule, wall map operation, and breakthrough sales number, striving to the end of 2022, the progress of the listed projects lag, shutdown and other problems have been clear, and basically solved in place.Reporters in peach blossom road to see, peach blossom road from the original 18 meters widened to 50 meters, two lanes into six lanes.”After the reconstruction, the road is much wider and we can travel more easily.”Citizens yu said.The comprehensive transformation project of Peach Blossom Road is the main road network in Chaoyang area, with a length of about 1.6 kilometers and a width of 50 meters.Peach Blossom Road is the traffic trunk road of chaoyang district, and it is an important part of nanchang trunk road network.Previously, due to major changes in planning and design, the semi-open state lasted for a long time.City leaders attach great importance to the ‘beard project’, the peach blossom road comprehensive transformation project.After working day and night for more than two months, it was fully opened to traffic on January 20.”Xihu District city construction bureau members section grain said.”Since the schedule was made public, we often come here to have a look. Everyone is concerned about the schedule and road quality.Seeing the changes every day, we feel more and more assured.”Peach blossom three village villagers Wang Zuge said happily to the reporter, peach blossom road opened to traffic, the government promised to do things, now we travel and visit relatives and friends very convenient, really very happy!On the first day of 2022, The Customs Bridge, West Zhanqian Road and the west section of Taoyuan Street were officially completed and opened to traffic.From June 15, 2021, when the first cast-in-place pile was drilled, to October 20, 2021, when the last box girder was poured, and to January 1, 2022, when it was officially opened to traffic, it only took half a year to complete the transformation project.”Usually there are a lot of cars and traffic jams.It’s much wider now. It’s easier to walk. It’s easier for us to go home.”Pang Song, who lives in Jinyuan community, said.Before the reconstruction, Haiguan Bridge, starting from west Road before the station in the east and reaching Taoyuan Street in the west, was an important channel connecting Chaoyang Zhou with the old city center. It was congested in the morning and evening rush hours and had become a frequent congestion node.”Previously, the number and width of the lanes of the Customs Bridge were insufficient, resulting in serious congestion on the bridge deck. After the renovation, it will greatly facilitate citizens’ travel and effectively alleviate traffic congestion.”Customs bridge and the surrounding road reconstruction project director Xiong Weixin told reporters that the new building of the bridge, the customs from 26 m widen to 45 meters, from the original three lanes from west to east, from east to west 1 lane two-way four-lane, broadening the five lanes from west to east, from east to west three lanes of 8 lanes, and set up a non-motor vehicles in both lanes, solve the “machine”Mixed business problem.The completion of the reconstruction project greatly alleviates the urban road traffic pressure, meets the needs of the general public to travel quickly, and realizes the efficient connection between Xihu District and other urban transportation hubs.2/3 Yanjiang Zhongbei Avenue road upgrade works from 3 minutes to 1 minuteTraffic time greatly shortened in the north road along the river road upgrade project completed, east Lake traffic police brigade seven squadron captain Xiong See long told reporters: “before here traffic flow, less lanes, from the Bayi bridge to the two seven north road intersection normal traffic to three or four minutes, sometimes traffic jams need more than 10 minutes.Now it takes less than a minute to drive here, there are no traffic jams and the journey time has been cut by at least two-thirds.”Yanjiang Road is an important urban trunk road built along the east bank of Ganjiang River in the downtown area of The city, connecting Qingshan Lake, east of the city, Chaoyang and Nanchang counties.After the rapid transformation of North Yanjiang Road, South Jiangnan Avenue and south extension section successively, North Yanjiang Avenue has become the bottleneck of restricting the passage of expressways.”It used to be very narrow, only four lanes in both directions.It’s always a traffic jam during rush hour.”Mr. Gao, who lives in some village of patriotic road, told reporters that now, the road at home is wide, and there is no traffic jam.Traffic police department statistics show that in the morning rush hour of January 24 (7:30-9:00), the traffic flow of Yanjiang North Road from south to north direction of 3,357 vehicles, from north to south direction of 4,248 vehicles, is the largest traffic flow of the morning rush hour after the opening of the main line of yanjiang Zhongbei Avenue upgrading project, but there is no congestion.”Yanjiang Zhongbei Avenue project from Tengwangge in the south, to the Beijing-Kowloon Railway in the north, the route length of about 4 kilometers, the project includes yanjiang Zhongbei Avenue (Tengwangge – Beijing-Kowloon Railway) road upgrading and ancillary works in two parts.”According to Wan Yiping, deputy general manager of Nanchang Chengtou Infrastructure Development Co., LTD., yanjiang Zhongbei Avenue was originally 15-25 meters wide and had 4-6 lanes in both directions, but the road will be 25-85 meters wide and 6-8 lanes in both directions with a design speed of 50 km/h.On December 28, 2017, nanchang Metro Line 4 officially started construction, passed the completion acceptance on December 7,2021, and completed the safety assessment before the initial operation on December 14…On December 26, 2021, subway Line 4 was officially opened to traffic.So far, nanchang city rail transit operating mileage of 128.6 kilometers, the basic realization of the subway line network to the main city of Nanchang coverage.”My wife is an employee of Subway Line 4. As a family member, I came here specially to experience the first subway ticket,” said Shan Feihe, a citizen who bought the first subway ticket at people’s Park station that day.Nanchang Metro Line 4, with a total length of 39.6 kilometers and 29 stations, is the main backbone line in nanchang rail transit network.The starting point is Baishan Station and the ending point is Yuweizhou Station, covering the main development axis of the eastern bank of Ganjiang River.Among them, underground station 25, elevated station 4.”This is the first subway in the new district. It’s so exciting.I used to take a taxi to work, but now I can take the subway in front of my house.””Said Xiong Yuying, who lives near the Baima Mountain station.As the subway line that spans the largest number of administrative areas at present, Nanchang Metro Line 4 not only connects xinjiang District, Honggutan District, Nanchang County, Xihu District, Donghu District, Qingshanhu District and High-tech Zone, but also sets 5 transfer stations to realize the transfer with existing lines.In addition, compared with Line 1, 2 and 3, Line 4 has the characteristics of the longest line and the most stations, and its construction directly drives the economic development along the line.5 colorful Xiangshan South Road south extension and rope jin Tower surrounding road project to further improve the “Yuzhang historical and cultural corridor” On January 24, Nanchang rope Jin Tower around the 6 roads of 4 officially opened to traffic, nanchang city became the second sales number of the “beard project”.On October 10, 2021, 6 road surrounding the rope jinta comprehensive renovation project, mainly for jiang circuit, xiangshan south road (south), xin Huang city road, raising economic court road, Jiang Yin synagogue and side road, road length of about 2600 meters, the transformation contents involved in demolition, drainage, lighting, landscaping, traffic facilities and strong and weak electricity line construction, moved to engineering, etc.”We have transformed xiangshan South Road (south extension section), which was originally 8 meters wide and had mixed traffic, into a two-way 4 lanes 30 meters wide. Guardrail is used to separate the motor lane from the non-motor lane, greatly increasing the traffic capacity of the road.The whole line adopts intelligent pole street lamps, which not only meets the requirements of road lighting, but also realizes’ sharing, intensive and overall planning ‘of resources.”Guan Zhiqiang, party member of Xihu District Urban Construction Bureau, said many “pocket parks” were set up along the line during the renovation to provide sports and leisure places for surrounding residents.”I have lived here for more than 20 years, and I finally see the new look of Xiangshan South Road. In the past, the road was a one-way street, and we had to stand on the side of the road when waiting for the bus. Now, not only the road is wider, but also a lot of bus stops are designed to make us feel much safer.”Mr. Li, who lives in the vicinity of the rope tower, said.Lake the historical and cultural blocks transaction center, deputy director of angel lee said: “the rope around it road reconstruction project of rope jinta tourism scenic spot has very important significance, will further improve the xiangshan south road as spindle ‘historical and cultural corridor yu zhang, from north to south, respectively, will flower historical and cultural blocks, nanchang bayi uprising memorial hall, as well the Chinese rice, the new fourth army, the old streetThe site of Chen Liguan, the former site of the Southeast branch of the CPC Central Committee, Jinxian Cang block series, systematic inheritance and revival of the city’s cultural style.”In the next step, jiangdian road and Yangjiyuan Road will be actively followed up after the railway Company and Nanchang Tourism Group give up the construction site.According to the plan, the construction of the river circuit will be completed and opened to traffic on April 20,2022.Yangjiyuan Road will be completed and open to traffic by the end of December 2022.(Nanchang Daily omnimedia reporter Wu Yueqiang gao Xuebin article ma Yuetu) Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: