Rolex, finally announced a new watch for 2022. Do you have the one you like?

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Watch fans have been waiting for rolex to announce a new watch for 2022.First up is the Greenwich II. Anyone familiar with Rolex knows that the GMT-Master, originally designed for aerial adventures, is now a must-have watch for globetrotters, showing the time in different time zones simultaneously.Since its introduction in 1955, the Greenwich has witnessed many important moments in aviation history.From the first intercontinental flight to the world speed record and the flight test of the Concorde, the Greenwich bore witness to one human achievement and technological innovation after another.The new Greenwich II (GMT-Master II) boldly adopts the left upper chain crown, further interpreting this pioneering spirit.The new Greenwich II is an innovation, with the crown moved to the left of the case, the calendar window moved to 9 o ‘clock, and the calendar dial rearranged. The final inspection’s precision testing process adjusted for these changes.The watch features a new color scheme with a green and black Cerachrom ceramic ring.The Greenwich II, with its modern design, demonstrates rolex’s commitment to advanced technology and exquisite aesthetics.Next up is the Air-King, which pays tribute to pioneering flight and inspires wearers to take control of their own destiny.Since 2016, the watch’s dial has been inspired by the design of the aviator and its look is professional.In 2022, the Air Overlord model has a new feature, adding the number “0” before the “5” minute scale to make the dial more legible, symmetrical and beautiful, and equipped with shoulder guards on both sides of the crown.These improvements fully demonstrate the importance of the Air Overlord in the Rolex professional watch series.In addition, the low-key and shiny middle case demonstrates the precious spirit of Rolex’s continuous exploration and innovation.The Oyster Perpetual Cigar-Master 42 is available in 18K gold this year with an optimized Chromalight luminous display.Like the original 18K white gold, the new watch features a bidirectional rotating outer ring, a Cerachrom ceramic ring with stereoscopic markings, and an Oysterflex strap.Moving on to women’s watches, the calendar of the week has always been the epitome of elegance and innovation.Made only of precious metals, the watch is the world’s first to display both the date and the day in a small window on the face.The Week Calendar 40 platinum design features a triangular pit ring and is also made of precious and rare platinum.Due to the difficulty of platinum processing, Rolex after years of painstaking research and development and manufacturing of platinum triangle pit pattern outer ring, it is a pioneering move of aesthetics and technology.The triangular pit process was originally developed for the gold material, so it had to be reconfigured for the platinum outer ring.The new week calendar 40 watches shine to perfection, fully demonstrating the core concept of Rolex: combining material characteristics, excellence.The new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 (Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31) comes with a stunning floral dial.The dial is available in sky blue, olive green and silver and is decorated with 24 flowers, each with a diamond in the centre.Petals decorated with sun light effect, matte or grain three decorative decoration, more lifelike.The Oyster Perpetual Consolate-Master 40 was first cast in 18K white gold.Rotate outer ring enchase precious gem, include pink sapphire, shallow blue sapphire, purple sapphire, dark blue sapphire and diamond, interweave gives profusion colour, just like boreal light and morning light wonderful like.The watch ear and crown shoulder are also decorated with diamonds to highlight gem brilliance.I wonder if you have the one you like?