“Spring To grass-roots” prevention and control of the first-line party flag fluttering

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“Happy New Year!”On February 5, in huozhou East station epidemic prevention and control checkpoint, Huozhou Public Security Bureau Li Cao police station director Duan Shengli smiled to the passengers who were checking.These New Year greetings are the most frequently heard and said by epidemic prevention and control workers over the past few days.Police and epidemic prevention and control personnel are stationed here 24 hours a day, guarding the “small exit” and playing a “big role”.In order to effectively carry out epidemic prevention and control work and give full play to the role of CPC organizations, Huozhou Public Security Bureau made elaborate arrangements and quickly dispatched elite soldiers from The Licao Police Station and bureau offices to set up a temporary PARTY branch for epidemic prevention and control at the East Railway Station checkpoint, letting the Party flag fly high on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.”In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the civil auxiliary police were divided into three teams to guard the front line 24 hours a day together with epidemic prevention and control personnel,” Duan said.Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, I began to take charge of my shift and couldn’t get off work until 9 PM, but it was definitely impossible to go home and have a reunion dinner with my parents. Tonight, I took time to send a video to my parents and send them a greeting. I wish them good health in the New Year.”Due to his involvement in epidemic prevention and control and various security work, he has been here for more than two months. His wife, who is at home with their children, has not complained, but only asked him to take precautions on the front line.For the New Year’s wish, he said, we silently pay and guard, can let the New Year’s Eve lights more than a peaceful, more than a warm, so we feel gratified.Li Lian source: Shanxi Daily