The long-haul fuel surcharge for domestic flights will rise to 100 yuan higher than some airline fares

2022-06-03 0 By

Domestic airline fuel surcharge again ushered in the increase.The long-distance fuel surcharge reaches 100 YUAN. According to the platforms of and Qunar, the platform has been informed by Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Grand China Airlines and other domestic airlines that it will adjust the standard of fuel surcharge starting from April 5, 2022.The revised fuel surcharge standard for domestic flights is: RMB50 per passenger for flights less than 800 kilometers;For flights over 800 kilometers, each passenger is charged RMB100.According to the adjustment of the fuel surcharge, the additional cost of domestic travel will start from 100 yuan for adult tickets, and the airport construction fee plus fuel fee will reach 150 yuan for flights over 800 kilometers, excluding the exemption of the base fee for domestic aircraft.Lanxiang, president of Qunar Big Data Research Institute, said the fuel surcharge adjustment is because the average fuel surcharge per ticket doubled from February after the adjustment in March due to rising oil prices.On March 27, China’s civil aviation will start to implement the 2022 summer and autumn flight plan. After the change of season, the proportion of short routes of domestic airlines will be reduced, and the distance will be longer after the change of season, to some extent to reduce the cost caused by the rising price of jet fuel.Before the two adjustments since the resumption of the levy on February 5, the fuel surcharge was suspended from January 5, 2022, and then to February 5, 2022, airlines resumed the collection of domestic airlines fuel surcharge, 800 km (including) below, each passenger charged 10 yuan;For routes over 800 kilometers, each passenger is charged 20 yuan.On March 5, 2022, the fuel surcharge will rise again, charging 20 yuan for each adult passenger flying below 800 kilometers.A fuel surcharge of 40 yuan per adult passenger will be charged for flights over 800 kilometers.The revised fuel surcharge will increase 150 percent from 20 yuan to 50 yuan for flights of less than 800 kilometers and from 40 yuan to 100 yuan for flights of more than 800 kilometers.Qingming travel forecast shows that the qingming festival this year during all kinds of travel products prices are the low in recent years, qingming may become the most cost-effective small holiday in the past three years.Among them, the average ticket price fell nearly 40% from the same period last year, the lowest in nearly three years.The reporter noted that the current price of some routes has been lower than the fuel surcharge.For example, from Shanghai to Xi ‘an on April 6, the lowest ticket price of some routes is only 99 yuan.Sichuan Observatory (source: