Two examination teams of Luohe Natural Resources and Planning Bureau carried out on-the-spot assessment

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On the morning of February 8, the first examination team of Luohe Natural Resources and Planning Bureau carried out field assessment on the natural resources Owner’s Rights Affairs Center, the municipal Natural Resources and Planning Information Center, and the municipal Natural Resources Service Center.The inspection work can be hosted by Wei Junsheng commission co-chaired deputy team leader, the bureau Wang Guopu Liu Yinzhu rights center, information center and service center wen-sheng wang to represent the unit leadership reporting on activities ShuLian learning, from the ideological construction, leadership, job performance, as a construction and style construction made a comprehensive report,Participants in this unit’s leadership and section-level cadres have a democratic evaluation.After the meeting, the examination group to each unit section-level cadres and part of the grass-roots representatives of the individual conversation, to further understand the construction of units and reflect section-level cadres actual conduct, ability, level of the example, practical.Commission co-chaired the group leader, natural resources and luohe city planning bureau party member and deputy director of the liu by flying stressed that after the second day started field inspection work, is not only an annual appraisal work, but also a lot of the provincial, municipal leaders at all levels to lead, each unit staff to “start the decisive battle, launching the sprint” attitude, immediately set to work,With a good start to drive the red year.On the afternoon of that day, zhao Xiaohong, deputy director and party member of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Luohe, led the second examination team of the bureau to carry out the 2021 annual assessment of the leaders and section-level cadres of the natural resources and planning Supervision Branch and the Shahe National Wetland Park Protection Center.Zhang Guogan, deputy county-level cadre of the bureau, was present.The supervision detachment and all staff of the protection center attended the meeting.At the meeting, Zhao Xiaohong put forward specific requirements for the assessment work, and the supervision detachment and the main person in charge of the protection center respectively reported on the work of 2021.On the spot, the leaders and members of the two units were evaluated by means of filling in the evaluation form, and the party building knowledge of the relevant personnel was tested.After the meeting, the examination group had individual talk to the relevant personnel, and consulted the relevant data.(Correspondent: Personnel Department, Ying Feihu Party Construction Department, Guo Mingjie Wetland Park, Zhang Pengtao, Luohe Natural Resources and Planning Bureau) Source: wechat official account of Luohe Natural Resources and Planning Bureau