Yamaha yamaha released the 20th anniversary of the battle, new exclusive stickers, double flashing warning lights

2022-06-03 0 By

Yamaha’s Cygnus Gryphus, the classic sports pedal, turned 20 this year, and the automaker has released a special 20th anniversary edition to celebrate it.Since the release of the early 2002 generation strong war, after a number of upgrades, has now come to the sixth generation.In addition to active in Taiwan’s large and small mountain roads, it is one of the few small pedals that can be sold back to Japan.However, the loud slogan “where there is a road, there is a strong fight” has not been realized in the mainland market, and has become the regret of the mainland car owners for many years.But the 20th anniversary edition doesn’t seem to differ much from the standard edition. In fact, the only difference is the windshield, which is a “Cygnus 20th” sticker, and the size is very small, which is not very noticeable, which is somewhat inconsistent with yamaha’s overstated personality.Recently, the WGP, 60th circuit board has been busy.Just one sticker isn’t enough, but yamaha has added a small upgrade to the 20th anniversary edition with a double flashing warning light.Because the sixth generation is just updated, the power is upgraded to a water-cooled VVA four-valve engine.Various functions and configurations are also relatively advanced, such as new LED lamps, large-screen full LCD instruments, dual-channel ABS system and so on, so it is normal that the commemorative edition has not been greatly adjusted.Strength war 20th anniversary edition provides four kinds of color optional, ABS and UBS (linkage brake) two optional configuration, in addition to lead to a difference of 1 kg weight of the car brake system and other basic parameters, including 785 mm high, 6.1 L tank volume, before and after 12 inch wheels, front and rear disc brake, after double spring damping, asymmetric high strength lightweight frame, and so on.Time flies, jin War was born 20 years ago, when this is designed for Taiwan winding mountain road pedal, with strong control performance created the first sport pedal, it is said that the 12 inch hub is from it began to popular.After dressing and core replacement, the sixth generation of jin War will continue to maintain abundant vitality and be pursued by car friends.But there are so many good cars yamaha can’t buy. How would you like to introduce jin Zhan?Like motorcycle information, pay attention to Lao Kai, like the message, collect and share it!