Ensure the rapid customs clearance of imported seeds Lanzhou Customs will spare no effort to ensure the safety service of imported seeds for spring ploughing preparation

2022-06-04 0 By

On February 16, the reporter learned from lanzhou Customs that with the preparation of spring ploughing, Gansu province ushered in the import peak of foreign seeds.Lanzhou Customs strengthened port inspection of imported seeds, focused on optimizing customs clearance process to ensure rapid customs clearance of imported seeds, and made every effort to ensure spring ploughing preparation.”The external propagation seed production industry is one of the characteristic and advantageous industries in Gansu Province.At present, the breeding area outside the province reaches 70 thousand mu.Every spring, there are a large number of foreign original seeds from lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport international airport entry, after breeding mature export again.”Introduction to the staff of lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport Customs General Section of Lanzhou Customs.Imported seeds are at risk of carrying exotic pests.In order to ensure the security of the numerous seeds, lanzhou customs to carry out the state’s overall security concept, swarms of imported seed inspection, in strict accordance with the system monitor instruction, the appearance, name, logo, etc into the seeds of a strict comparison, seeds of sampling inspection, strictly abide by the operation procedures, strengthen the laboratory testing, fight exotic harmful biological incoming.At the same time, the customs optimized the customs clearance process, opened a “7×24 hour” customs clearance “green channel”, “inspection on arrival” of imported seeds, immediately upon arrival of goods cancel, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, to ensure the rapid customs clearance of imported seeds.According to statistics, so far this year, Lanzhou Customs has inspected a total of 1.3 tons of imported seeds and seedlings, worth more than $30,000.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Jiang Ling