The whole life!Green bucket photo silver medal, Sui Wenjing asked to exchange partners, Han Cong tiptoe with the frame Russian beauty

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Sui Wenjing and Han Cong of China won their first Olympic gold medal in 15 years after winning the pairs free skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday night by 0.63 points.After the match, the three pairs of groups took a group photo. Sui Wenjing naughtily asked to exchange partners, which embarrassed Han Cong whole!China’s Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won last night’s final, while Russia’s Tarasova and Morozov and Mishina galiyamov took second and third place respectively.After the post-match press conference, the three couples posed for a group photo.Sui wenjing offered to the other two couples: Chane Partner, Something Funny!(Let’s switch partners and do some work!)”Interestingly, the runner-up pair Tarasova/Morozov were a little confused and didn’t know what to do.Sui wenjing started directly, pushing the female runner-up Tarasova to the male third runner-up Galliamov.And the third female player Mishina pulled in front of Han Cong, and he was standing in front of the runner-up male player Morozov, Han Cong was abandoned partner appeared helpless.Interestingly, Han Cong is only 1.70 meters tall, and Mishina completely blocked him in front of Han Cong.Embarrassed Han Cong hurriedly stood beside Mishina, the wrong place.Finally, the green bucket combination and two female players to make a stand, and Han Cong also tiptoe, very cute!Russian third place finisher Igor Galliamov made the 666 sign.Finally, Sui wenjing also changed her hand gesture, and Russian runner-up Morozov also compared to the scissorhands.Seeing this scene, netizens have commented, “so cute hahahahaha”, “a 1.7 and a 1.5, of course there will be a height difference”, “what height is abroad…””Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha cong elder brother, the game when my mother said he looked not high” “: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha put up” “are high appearance level” “city people really will play” “Russia big man, award stage three groups just about high” “can be lovely love” “no dry ground to pull green onion, bad comment” “: ha ha ha ha ha,Even though han Cong is short in height, he plays much more reliably in the court than in the original match. He is really short in this way.But in the field of time completely do not feel out “” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha to check han Cong 170 Sui Wenjing 150, may be in the female companion foil appears high” “all by peer foil”.