Winter Olympics village becomes’ photo attraction ‘for Canadian athletes europeans and Americans solve problems by sitting down

2022-06-04 0 By

Recently, Canadian ice hockey woman Spooner’s social media platform went viral.She has entered the Olympic Village, in a nearby shop to see squat toilet squat pit, feel very curious, standing in squat pit up a “heroic” selfie, and then hair on the net, caused a lot of attention.Canada, the United States and many other European and American countries, large are used to sit toilet, many of them have never seen a lifetime squat to solve the problem of the artifact.Spooner posted photos showing her standing on a squat with her feet at her sides and her hands poking out of her gloves.You’re standing with your feet apart, but you’re not squatting.I remember a few years ago there was a black friend of Jerry Guo said that when he just arrived in Beijing, he squatted in a pit and did not master the advanced technology. He pulled his buttocks to his legs.It’s human nature to stand and take a picture of something unusual.Spooner also likes to share new things, she posted a lot of photos of the Olympic Village, including with the “Bing Dwen Dwen”, with the flags of various countries, and with a group of sisters sitting on the five rings.