Xingtai city “Concentrated project start week” activity started

2022-06-04 0 By

On February 8, a day after the lunar New Year holiday, xingtai city “project commencement week” activities started, city development zone, the stag county, guangzong county, ngawi county (city, area) adhere to the “project for the king, for this” enterprise, with a total investment of 8.54 billion yuan of 33 indomitable spirit and the “great yields” project construction, key projects “gun”, take the lead in startingWe will spare no effort to achieve high-quality catch-up development.On the same day, the city development zone with a total investment of 2.785 billion yuan of 10 projects focused on construction, involving high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, productive services, urban construction, modern agriculture and other industries;Five key projects with a total investment of 1.218 billion yuan in Julu County, covering machinery and equipment manufacturing, electromechanical equipment and other fields, including Xiguo Town Intelligent manufacturing Equipment Industrial Park project, new steel structure prefabricated building project, locomotive pantograph and locomotive protection device research and development projects, etc.Three projects with a total investment of 1.36 billion yuan in Guangzong County, covering children’s toys, photovoltaic power generation and other industries, have been started, further enriching the cascading development pattern of “one under construction, one in production, one in reserve, and one in planning”.Weixian has started construction on 15 key projects with a total investment of 3.177 billion yuan, involving medical care, dairy industry, auto parts and other industries.”Every county (city, district) should carry out concentrated construction activities every quarter, maintain the upsurge of project construction throughout the year, promote the project construction on the ‘fast track’, and ensure that the project ‘site, equipment and products’.”The municipal Development and Reform Commission said that Xingtai city will continue to highlight the first start of the project, adhere to the construction is the absolute truth, to “pile on the hero”.This year, Xingtai city will focus on strategic emerging industry investment, around the 25 key manufacturing industry chain to do a good job of reinforcing the chain, extending the chain, strengthening the chain and building the chain, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the whole industry chain system, build the city’s new economic development momentum.At the same time, the “weekly scheduling, monthly meeting and quarterly comparison” have been continuously carried out to promote the speedy implementation, commencement, construction and commissioning of projects.It is reported that 70 projects in Xingtai city are included in the list of provincial key construction projects in 2022, among which 31 are newly started projects, 30 are extended projects and 9 are completed and put into operation.Xingtai city will continue to practice the “mother style” service, implement the sub-municipal and county leadership alliance mechanism, continue to promote the “front-line work method”, give the best resources to the project, give the best service to the project, and make every effort to achieve “a good start”, “half a year red” and “full of red”.(Zhou Lin, all-media reporter of Xingtai Daily)