Fujifilm worthy of 2022!What surprises and expectations will it bring us?

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The successful market summary and planning meeting of fujifilweiye Domestic market in 2021-2022 has clearly indicated the work direction and focus of Fujifilweiye Domestic market in 2022.So, what expectation and surprise will Fujifilm cause bring to us in 2022?Let’s share and understand again.In 2021, Fujifilve entered the domestic market for the first year, successfully made the first step, successfully achieved the set goals.If 2021 is the year of products and channels, then, based on 2021, 2022 is the year of marketing and connectivity.Therefore, in 2022, Fujifilbo will not only realize the full range of products and leap into the high-end industry, but also make efforts in the market and focus on the market.Fuji weiye domestic market conference a number of high-end competitive products on the market, leap into the high-end!In the first half of 2022, Fujifilwee Will officially launch F90 Pro, F90S and F90, three high-end online and offline programming and remote diagnosis products, T7000 and T5000, two Professional tire pressure devices for Android tablets and quick protection diagnostic devices, and F20GM and F20BBA, two all-in-one special tests.In the second half of 2022, Fujifilwee will also have a number of new products under development, which will be officially launched from September to December, including diagnostic products, special inspection products, new energy products and other products.The entry of a number of high-end products into the market will improve the product series of Fuji Weiye in the domestic market, and achieve leapfrog in hardware parameters, functional advantages, high-end coverage, mode innovation and other aspects, to achieve a comprehensive layout and competition in the high-end field.With the entry of high-end products into the market, the gross profit space of Fuji Weiye products has also been improved to facilitate better market operation, channel support and user feedback.The entry of high-end products into the market and the improvement of product series are the highlight of Fujifilye’s domestic market in 2022, which is worth everyone’s expectation and attention.Fujifilve’s domestic market only has a market year in 2022. The so-called market year is the work carried out around sales and marketing.After the market operation in 2021, we found an important situation: Fuji Weiye has very good technology accumulation and overseas successful cases, but we lack dealer coverage and brand awareness in the domestic market, resulting in a small number of users who know and understand the advantages and characteristics of Fuji Weiye.Therefore, positioning in the market year is to solve this problem, but also to help dealers sell.Finally, the technology and product advantages of Fuji-Weiye will be reflected, so that more industry users can use fuji-Weiye’s advanced technology and products.In 2022, we have formulated many marketing strategies and plans, which we will plan, organize and implement one by one.How to carry out market operation, what measures and activities are also very worthy of attention and expectation.The important thought of link user revolves around the market year, link user is one of the very important work, how to let more users know, understand and recognize Fuji great, is our key work.As a leading enterprise and excellent brand in the global automotive diagnosis industry, our products cover multiple series and sell well all over the world, and high-end products have also been presented.In the establishment and technology precipitation of thirteen years, with strength and data, has been recognized and praised by overseas users of Fuji-Weiye, how to let the domestic market users, truly understand and feel the technical strength and advantages of Fuji-Weiye, is fuji-Weiye 2022, the important work to do.Link users, is to let more users know, understand, understand and recognize Fuji Weiye products and brands, we will contact and link users through a variety of marketing mix.There are technical or management training meetings, mass testing activities, preferential activities, lottery activities, promotion, expert cooperation, certification and so on. Specific programs need to be further planned and optimized. Please pay more attention to and participate in various activities of Fujifilm.In the year of user connection 2022, we will invite more people in the industry who share the same values, spread positive ability, and are positive and willing to give and share to get together and help each other, so as to give priority to the advanced technology and products of Fuji-Weiye and enjoy the intimate service experience of Fuji-Weiye.The beginning year of new media marketing is now the new media era, which is the year of traditional marketing reform and network marketing.In order to carry out the work of market year and linked user year, help dealers to sell, promote the spread of advanced technology and products, let more people in the industry know fujifilm, and participate in fujifilm activities, and enjoy the new experience brought by Fujifilm.We will actively embrace and use the power and means of new media to reach our users.The new media video and live broadcast will present the creativity and characteristics of Fuji Great, which is worth everyone’s expectation.The year of the launch of the ground push team was formally established in 2022.We will let the ground push team to help dealers with the regional market launch layout, publicity, sales, promotion and training trainee invitation.The ground promotion team will quickly realize the layout and launch of regional market, help dealers quickly realize the brand entry and popularity promotion, and implement the product sales.Therefore, the formation of the ground push team and the launch of the ground push should be a point worth looking forward to in 2022.Do not put dealers cool in the side, take the initiative to help dealers, organize national strength, national marketing and regional assistance, is the consistent channel development strategy of Fuji Great.In 2022, we will implement a number of measures from sales personnel to marketing and service, and then to local promotion, to effectively help dealers, together with dealers, quickly realize the regional launch, realize the rapid improvement of visibility, brand and sales.In the year of service innovation and advantage presentation, service is very important. From the first day of launching the domestic market, we have promoted service to be as important as products.One year of practice in 2021, we can indeed reflect the determination, advantages and efficiency of Fujifilm great in the service, we can quickly respond to the needs of dealers and users, all the market feedback and put forward problems or opinions, we can reply, internal feedback, communication and solution in the fastest time.Our R&D engineers can quickly go to the front line to directly connect with users and solve problems.Then, IN 2022, I will continue to maintain this momentum and advantage, while he needs to optimize and improve details, procedures and efficiency.Therefore, the service advantage will be presented to show fujifilm great service determination and awareness.However, in 2021, we will release less content in terms of case tutorials, videos, technical instruction manuals, etc.Therefore, in 2022, we will also increase personnel and clarify work, and realize the coordination of various technical and development departments, so as to output more practical technologies, to help our users learn and use Fuji-Weiye advanced technologies and products, and to help users improve maintenance skills and efficiency.In the marketing summary and planning meeting just held in the year of management, we started with training on how to be a qualified regional manager in terms of responsibilities and responsibilities, attitudes and determination, confidence, strategies and methods, values and development, etc.In order to become a sales elite, the first choice is to start with a qualified regional manager. Based on the management summary and analysis in 2021, we focus on solving the basic requirements of sales staff, and combine goals and process management to create a marketing team with positive communication ability, confidence and dedication, professional and efficient.Whether we can achieve comprehensive running-in, team strength, build an excellent sales team, and implement the specific work are the key management work in 2022, which is also worth your attention and expectation.The year of 2022 is a new starting point and a new journey for Fujifilye Domestic market. We are already on the road. A group of people, one thing, one heart, together, we will win!Please also trust us, let us work together in 2022!Together, we will create a year of development, harvest and sharing.