Lucky money is actually not everyone love, this little unsociable cute can make me embarrassed bad

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When I returned to my parents’ home, I gave red envelopes to my relatives’ children. They were so happy that even the reserved little ones could not resist the joy. They shyly put it off and jumped three feet high as soon as they got it.And if they were impatient, and had not got them at the moment, they whirled round and round in haste, and the two most impatient of them cried out, “Mine, mine.”However, in such a lively crowd, there is always a clear current: never “join in”, and always remain immovable.Here it is: my baby!Scene 1. I give red envelopes to my nieces and nephews, but the older nephew says no, no!Then, the mouth said very polite, hand hand honest to come over to receive.A little nieces daughter is blinking big eyes blinking at my hand red envelope, then immediately look for her mother: “Mom, MY red envelope to you, you have money to use.Wait until the child aunt gave my son a red envelope, the first time: “baby, come, give you a red envelope yo!”My big son: “no!”Aunt awkwardly look at me, repeated efforts to the child: “you see, sister have a red envelope, you also have!”The little guy looked up and said, “Oh!”Then, turned around, looking for sister to play.Aunt simply stopped talking, pulled the child, pulled open the pocket into the red envelope, the child was not happy to cover his pocket: “I don’t want a red envelope!”The little niece looked up at her mother: “Mom, he doesn’t want it, so forget it!”The kid nodded. “Yes, yes!”The tacit cooperation of the two children made a group of adults laugh.Finally, the child aunt told my niece: “you talk to cousin, let him accept the red envelope bai!”This time, the red envelope was finally given out.The child aunt wipe wipe the sweat that does not exist on the head: “always only contend to rob to want red envelope of, the first time encounter a kill don’t of, I also not easy!”Scene 2. Go to my husband’s aunt’s house, cousin happily ran to meet, while greeting the child hand over a red envelope: “Happy New Year, fast grow fast big!Red envelope to you!”Eldest brother’s children take the red envelope is a happy circle: “Oh yeah!I have a red envelope!”My child calmly looked at cousin uncle one eye, around the past, the past, went,!Cousin stunned to see the child, and then look at me, I can only return to him a helpless eyes.Then, cousin unconvinced, again to the child: “there is money, can buy sugar, buy guns!”The little guy considered for 3 seconds, and then decisively refused: “I don’t, I caught a cold, mom said can’t eat sugar, dad said to grow into a big child can set off firecrackers.”Cousin looked at the father: “The child is only more than 4 years old?Do you want to be so serious?”Then, cousin and child began a tug of war: one to give a do not.The child also disliked to tell me: “I don’t want a red envelope, that uncle wants to give!”Finally, the cousin said surrender, while the child did not pay attention to the red envelope stuffed into the child’s hat pocket.Scene 3: I went to my uncle’s house to pay New Year’s greetings. The little guy was so sweet that he double-checked with me before entering.A door, he also very cooperate to call one by one.Then, the turning point appeared in the red envelope, uncle and aunt early to prepare a red envelope for the child, happily handed to the child, who knows, has been happy child, suddenly changed face, behind me a hide: “I don’t want a red envelope!Don’t!”This changed into uncle and aunt smiled: “You this child, big grandpa big grandma to the New Year’s money but must receive oh!”Who knows, the little guy but don’t buy it, or that sentence: “I don’t want red envelopes.”He shook his head definitively. “HMM!Don’t!”Uncle can not be young people chasing the red envelope of physical strength, he decisively handed the red envelope to my husband: “come to come to help the children, grandpa to the red envelope but must be received.”Many relatives asked me if I taught my children not to use red envelopes, which is really not true. I guess that the family has not really taught their children to use money, even when they go to the supermarket, they mostly use wechat to pay.Children have no concept of money, so they are not interested in red envelopes, it is estimated that he will use money, will not die not red envelopes.For the red envelope this thing, or need to do children’s education work from the following aspects :1.Chinese New Year red envelopes and New Year’s money are the elders’ expectations and blessings for the younger generation. Whether you want or not, you should be polite.After all, not real relatives will not give red envelopes, and etiquette is our fine tradition, should be taught to children at an early age.2 received a red envelope to tell parents in time although the red envelope is full of blessings, but also the embodiment of the world, pay attention to reciprocity, to teach children: received a red envelope, tell parents and family in time, so as not to omit the return gift, give people the impression of greedy and cheap affect the relationship between relatives.Some children are small and can’t spend money, some children are big and can use money by themselves, and there are some naughty children who can’t wait to spend the red envelope as soon as they get it, which is not good.Families need to teach children early on not to waste money.