Ningde deputy general manager jiang Li securities company was born quite job-hopping once received an annual salary of 2.8 million yuan income is not low

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The stock price of Ningde Times has always been impressive. As of January 5, 2022, there are A total of 6 companies in the A-share market with A market value of more than one trillion, among which Ningde Times (300750.SZ) ranks fourth with A market value of 1.25 trillion, higher than China Merchants Bank and Agricultural Bank of China.In fact, Ningde enterprises also cultivated a number of excellent talents. Operator Finance will try to uncover jiang Li, the current deputy general manager of Ningde era.According to relevant information, Jiang li was born in 1979, it is understood that Jiang Li graduated from Peking University with a master’s degree, but he did not reveal his major.Although Jiang Li is only in his prime, but his ability is not shallow, its performance in the work is still quite stable.Jiang has been in the community for many years, but he didn’t start out with Ningde, having previously worked on other platforms.Of course, there is another hard reason, that is, Ningde Era was founded in 2011, and Jiang Li’s working time is obviously earlier than the founding time of Ningde Era.According to relevant documents, Jiang Li used to be the business manager of the investment banking Department of China Galaxy Securities Co., LTD., deputy director, director and executive director of the investment banking Department of UBS Securities Co., LTD., and director of the office of the Board of directors of CDB Securities Co., LTD.Jiang Li is worthy of being born in a top university in China, and his work and growth are very smooth. It is not difficult to see that Jiang Li’s ability is actually quite outstanding as he is entrusted by many companies.Today, Jiang li holds several positions, including deputy general manager and secretary of the board under Ningde.In addition, Jiang Li also serves as a director of Tianjin Binhai Industry Fund Management Co., LTD., Ningpu Times Battery Technology Co., LTD., Sino-French Life Insurance Co., LTD., and Nanjing Karui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Service Co., LTD.It is worth noting that Jiang also received generous rewards during the Ningde era, with his annual salary as high as 2.809 million yuan in 2019, according to data.Jiang Li is only 43 years old and still in his prime, so it is only a matter of time before he reaches another peak.