The online and offline cultural activities of Ningxia Cultural Tourism were wonderful

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Shizuishan city “golden tiger in spring” lantern riddles guessing activities.Wen brigade hall for the figure’s yinchuan in ningxia, February 15 (Reuters) (majoring in her) for creating the atmosphere of joy, peace, the festive Lantern Festival, for days, the ningxia hui autonomous region culture and tourism in the hall to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control at the same time, actively organize five city literature brigade departments extensive yangko performances, play jan, admire the lanterns, listen to a variety of online activities such as drama,Enjoy folk customs, together make yuanxiao.It is reported that the city of Yinchuan culture and tourism department carried out the culture into ten thousand · Yinchuan happy year “thriving fire make Yuanxiao” lantern riddles fun activities, Lantern Festival lantern DIY limited activities, knowledge, culture, fun into one, let the public feel the cultural charm of the Lantern Festival.Lingwu city has carried out a series of activities such as lantern riddles, colorful lanterns to celebrate the Festival, intangible heritage paper cutting to welcome the New Year, and fun Lantern Festival, bringing tourists more festival experience.Shizuishan text brigade sector around the “making” is a cultural theme, launched “our holiday, today the wind ancient recite classics Elegant yuanxiao another strong “and” making “is a” read classic play “activities, also organized the” golden tiger make spring “riddles, riddle type involving puzzles, riddles, place names and so on more than 300 plants and animals,Citizens can not only “watch performances” and “watch exhibitions” on the cloud, but also guess lantern riddles offline, comprehensively meeting citizens’ multi-level cultural needs.Wuzhong city culture tour department to carry out the “traditional folk Dong Fu Intangible online across New Year Lantern Festival series of theme activities, including 6 in total folk art performances, exhibitions, 1 9 non genetic project experience, visitors can not only enjoy the wonderful lion dance, the zhangs’ guns, young’s boxing and other folk art, also can feel thick intangible culture heritage.Yanchi County yangko performance, shehuo acrobatics will folk culture and modern culture integration, to show visitors the unique charm of folk culture.At the Jiuqu Folk Culture Park, visitors are guided by a drum band to enjoy the fun of folk culture.Guyuan city culture and Tourism department held a “闹 Yuanxiao guess lantern riddles” prize guessing activities, lantern riddles content including history and humanity, scenic spots, place names, food and snacks, attracted citizens in a festive and peaceful atmosphere to guess lantern riddles.Yuanzhou district held a gorgeous light show, thousands of bright lanterns decorate the night scenery of Yuanzhou district, attracting tourists to stop to appreciate and take photos, creating a happy and peaceful atmosphere.Zhongning county “people happy and she Fire show” activity.Ningxia Cultural tourism Hall for zhongwei city cultural tourism department to carry out special opera activities, prepared the Qinqiang opera “Da Yuan Men”, “Second Palace”, “interpretation”, “do not kiln”, “probe kiln” and other songs, for opera lovers presented the Lantern Festival cultural feast.Zhongning County carried out the activity of “People’s Joy in heaven and Shehuo Show”, which not only inherited the traditional but also innovative shehuo show, and won the audience’s love.In addition, various cultural and exhibition venues in the autonomous region also carried out colorful online and offline activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival.Ningxia Library has launched an online exhibition entitled “Lantern Festival, When the Moon is Full — Appreciation of Famous Poems for the Lantern Festival”. The exhibition not only introduces the folk activities of the Lantern Festival, but also brings together a large number of famous poems for the Lantern Festival, allowing readers to enjoy a literary feast of the Lantern Festival with the sound of loud chanting.Ningxia Museum carried out activities such as making lanterns on the 15th day of the first lunar month — handmade “tiger” lanterns, and Guyuan Museum organized activities such as “guessing lantern riddles in the museum”, creating a happy atmosphere for the Lantern Festival.