Wife, happy Valentine’s day

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This story is a bit morbid.A little bit shameless, a little bit shameful.A little shameless.But there are some people in society who don’t know what’s going on.These people hardly know what it means to be shameless, shameful, or outrageous.So these people think they are happy.But also to live happy, and can skillfully handle all kinds of male and female relations and proud.I have to say he married a “good woman” and never doubted him.So they stayed apart for a few years without incident.He worked outside to bring home the bacon and send his two children to school.That was the impression he made on her.She didn’t care about his money.When the child starts school, she will not ask him about the cost of the child.If he gave it, she took it, didn’t give it, didn’t ask, and paid for it herself.This kind of “trust” is typical of an old married couple.Well, today is Valentine’s Day.He was going to give her a gift for Valentine’s Day.He sent her a bunch of flowers.As if the bouquet could actually be plucked from a phone screen.After that, he sent her another 520 yuan, with a postscript: Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!Soon after, she took the money and replied, “What a big deal.”He saw her take the money and the words “What a big deal” and put the phone down.But the woman next to him was a little angry.The woman said, “Where’s mine?”He kissed the woman and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!”The woman smiled and said, “Is this all right?”He understood and picked up the phone again and transferred 1314 yuan to the woman.Of course, a postscript was added: Happy Valentine’s Day, dear!