Focus on shandong Province 2022 work mobilization conference I Guard the oil field, weifang this group of “xu Sanduo” how hard?

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Weifang Daily Weifang Melting media News Qinghe Oil Production plant is located in Shouguang Yangkou Town, northern Weifang city, weifang city is the only state-owned oil production plant.The only oilfield police station in the city, qinghe Oilfield police Station of Shouguang Public Security Bureau, is stationed here.It is located in remote areas, but the policemen have been guarding national property for decades and are willing to be anonymous “oilfield guards”.On February 15, the reporter came to qinghe oilfield police station to understand their story of sticking to the oilfield.Oil Wells stand scattered among reeds.At 9:00 a.m., Changdong, deputy director of qinghe Oilfield police station, and Ding Hanran, auxiliary police, began to patrol on foot. They came to an oil well and carefully observed whether there were abnormal conditions.”Any trace of leakage or the smell of crude oil in the air is an anomaly.”Ding Hanran said.Ding Hanran, 51, has worked at the police station for 34 years since its inception. As a veteran of the pipeline “battle line”, he is meticulous and his eyes are full of determination.In addition to the routine patrol in the daytime, the focus of police patrol is late at night in Qinghe oilfield police station.”The pipeline is in the wilderness and police cars can’t drive in, so they have to patrol on foot.”‘Crude oil theft often happens at night, so late-night patrols are particularly important,’ Mr. Chang said. ‘Sometimes we have to hike 10 kilometers for one patrol.’Police are patrolling along the pipeline.”In addition to patrolling, we will also be in easy to steal oil Wells, oil pipelines stationed at fixed points.”Ding hanran said that the reeds and cotton fields around them were their guard points, often for a whole night.The more bad weather or holidays, the police will strengthen patrol control, not to give criminals an opportunity.In June 2014 a stormy night, the police are patrolling along the pipeline as usual, suddenly discovered that the lights with faint several moving in the distance, they immediately decided that criminals in oil theft, immediately turned off all can shine, shine, voice equipment, and scattered, under the “help” of the rain, quietly from the side bypassing, will steal oil molecules all captured.The police exchange the patrol investigation to the oil field.In addition to the battle of wits and courage with criminals, staged thrilling arrest scenes, tender moments in the Qinghe oilfield police station also happen.Qinghe oil production plant has more than 2000 workers, most of whom come from other places.In November 2020, 61-year-old Jiang came to qinghe Oil Production plant from Jianghan Oilfield in Hubei province to visit relatives. He got lost after getting off the bus in Yangkou Town. With the help of the police in Qinghe oilfield police station, he soon got together with his family.Qinghe oilfield police station has 6 natural villages under its jurisdiction, with more than 7,000 residents. The main economic source is mostly farming.In the spring ploughing season, some villagers set fire to weeds and straw in their fields in order to save money and trouble.Some farmland is close to oil Wells, and if the fires spread, the consequences could be dire.Therefore, in addition to fighting criminals and resolving conflicts between groups, fire prevention publicity for villagers has become another major issue in their work.The police went into the village to publicize safety common sense to the villagers.Since the whole period of the city of Weifang ban, ban burning, fireworks after the notice issued, police will come into the village every day.On New Year’s Eve, yandong, the head of qinghe Oilfield police station, led a team to inspect the village at 8 p.m. until more than 2 a.m. on the first day of the New Year.According to local customs, the time to set off firecrackers was over, so they gathered back to the house, reheated the dinner they had prepared in advance and had a “peace of mind meal”.Qinghe oilfield police station is located in the remote, the police, auxiliary police are “home”.”There are now 4 police and 9 auxiliary police in the station. The farthest is 75 kilometers away from home, and the nearest is 25 kilometers away.”Winter said.Although far away from home, all the police and auxiliary police stick to their posts without complaint or regret, providing security for the production of oil areas.Reporter’s note: the responsibility of the police is their determination to stick to follow the police patrol to the reeds wrapped in oil well, it is daylight, but the surrounding desolate and cold weather, highlights the “silence” of the land, it is hard to imagine that policemen were waiting in the reeds, ambush condition how difficult it was for catching criminals.Late at night, the desolate environment and the unknown danger let them tense every nerve, only the responsibility of the police and the determination to protect the national property, to firm their original will.Reporters could not help but think of “soldiers assault” in the same guarding oil pipeline grassland five class, and in qinghe oilfield police station, each of them are persistent adhere to the “xu More than three”.Weifang Daily all-media reporter: Chen Huaiyu, Zhang Yige/text, Yin Ning/video