Is too good-looking!Finally comparable to “let go of my baby” adorable baby variety, Xie Nan show high emotional intelligence

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Their own children are called “god beasts”, while others’ children are called “Meng Wa”.A lot of audience have a common disease, see on TV every time the meng baby of other people’s home feels lovely and sensible, why unluckily oneself of home so can make noise?Starting with Where are We Going, Dad? In recent years, there have been many cute variety shows in various forms.In 2016, the first season of “Let Go of My Baby” was broadcast. There were three seasons of the show, with Yi Yangqianxi, Ma Tianyu, Hou Minghao, Lin Gengxin, Yu Xiaotong and other permanent guests.At that time yi Yangqianxi is not adult, Yu Xiaotong and Lin Update a few are still a big boy, take baby experience is not enough, but take baby way has its own way.”Let go of my baby” recorded three seasons, with the fire harlin, Fried aunt, shallots, Haohao, pupupu and other cute children, is my meal variety for a long time.”Let Go of My Baby” has received great reviews every season, but not since the third season. There hasn’t been a cute baby variety show comparable to it in the past two years.Until, that is, My Little Tail came along.”My Little Tail” has been on the air for two seasons, and it is a variety show that watches siblings grow up.The first season by Yi Nengjing, Zhang Liang, Wang Sulong, Anqi, Zhou Junwei five as growth witness, together to observe the lives of six groups of siblings.The second season by Wang Yaoqing, Xie Nan, Xu Mengjie, Yuan Yongyi, Zhou Junwei five as growth witness officer, this time invited four groups of loving siblings.Unexpectedly, this adorable baby reality show has become the “best of the year” in the hearts of many viewers.What is the biggest attraction of My Little Tail?Let’s take a look at who these four groups are.Group 1: Nie Zening, 27, and An an, 2.They are the biggest age difference of a group of siblings, Nie Zening can be called textbook brother, with children is very set, very will teach sister.Group 2: Wang Ruihan, 21, and Xin ‘er, 2.In the first season, Wang ruihan was called the loser brother, but now he’s got his revenge and has become a master of parenting.Group 3: Deng Zeming, 19, and Simi, 3.The brother and sister are very typical, they are like a couple of little enemies, one day they break up, the next day they make up.Group four: Chi Yi, 17, and Yi Yi, five and a half.Chi Yi can be said to be a pet sister crazy, always can not resist her sister’s spoiled.Among the stars in the group, I was most impressed by Xie Nan and Yuan Yongyi, who often shared their parenting lessons.Xie Nan joked in the program, said “Wu Second is always a loyal to his father, Wu Jing in the time, there is no eyes I”.Yuan wing yi said, “know all understand”, the two will eat their son’s jealousy.Xie Nan will control the field, show high emotional intelligence everywhere in the program, the audience most want to see or she made fun of Wu Jing.Xie Nan said Wu Jing is “Wolf warrior” baby, Wu so-called two years old, sitting on the dining chair, was good, the results suddenly cried, in the face of this situation, just do mother xie Nan for two years, the first reaction is to guess why the child is crying, first thinking about coaxing.Unexpectedly Wu Jing came over and said directly, cry what cry, a man does not shed tears.This is not a baby. This is a soldier.Write last: original content, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Welcome to like, comment, follow and forward, also welcome everyone to discuss!