Micro cool open peak game meng, mi Yue hit wild anchor summit!Small brocade son bluntly is his Nemesis

2022-06-06 0 By

In the recent S26 peak game list has been changed, but this time the top player is not S25 forefront jin er or micro cool, but has been restrained their miyue unique brother Yuntianhe.It has to be said that Mi Yue, this unconventional hero, if he plays well enough even if Jin er is completely powerless, but it is indeed not easy to rely on this hero to rush to the top of the race.As you probably know, there have been a lot of changes to Fielding since the S25 season, but Fielding is still a very important carry point in peak games due to its special position.And in S26 master, bloodsucking flow equipment after strengthening, Li Bai, 100 li Xuan this rely on general attack against the wild victory rate almost to the top, even micro cool began to take out these two heroes frequently.Until now, however, Wei Liang, who was the no. 1 player last season, has maintained a strong momentum, dominating the rankings for several weeks in a row that has almost left everyone below in despair.Some people even thought that weiliang’s score would break 2800 points at the end of the season if he kept up his performance this season, but recently he found himself no. 1 in the last game.And this summit is not the summit of others is Miyue’s unique brother Yuntianhe.Micro cool is actually at the beginning of the yuntian River can reach the summit is some surprise, because miyue this hero is really unconventional hero, even out of the win rate is not high.In S25 when yuntianhe also did not hit the peak of the first result, but after a careful thought in micro cool is also relieved.Because although Mi Yue is an unconventional fighting wild, but thanks to the version of the change, Mi Yue perfect restraint version of the front row fighting wild, which version of the fire li Bai, 100 Li Xuan Ce met Mi Yue is basically no way to play.At the same time, the operation of yuntianhe is also very strong, before Li Bai unique brother Jin son met yuntianhe in the game is nine negative ten bureau.But for micro cool, the gap between himself and yuntian River is not very big, and micro cool hero pool is very wide.Even if the version of the mirror is not strong, Luna in the hands of micro cool hit very good effect, even if after the micro cool met the sky micro cool hand or there will be something, not to be hit without the force of retaliation.Personal point of view: in fact, facing the summit of yuntian River micro cool should be able to play with ease, because in the previous S24 mirror and the flames of the time, Mo Chen on the ability to suppress the two cao Cao continued to occupy the first three, but in the last minute micro cool or win the first peak game.The micro cool estimate will also take action, but currently coveting the first peak game is still a lot of people, in fact, rushing to retreat is not a good choice, but in the end how to do or to see the micro cool choice.