What does it really look like for a woman to have her period?Boys might as well feel it

2022-06-06 0 By

Menstruation is a unique sign of women, every female friend from the beginning of puberty development, facing menstruation for the first time, every month after menarche will have menstruation on time visit.The generation of menstruation, is the endometrial thickening and shedding, but also to help the body discharge harmful garbage process, can promote the uterine internal blood stasis and harmful garbage discharge, reduce the burden of the uterus, maintain the health of the uterus.But for most female friends, during menstruation due to the decline of body resistance and immunity, the body is weak, by the changes of hormones in the body, the mood has become irritable, anxiety, dysmenorrhea, the appearance of palace cold will also appear back pain body discomfort.Could these really be the true state of female friends during menstruation?Perhaps you are not particularly familiar with it, so we have compiled the following series of cartoons for male friends who have girlfriends.What does it really look like for a woman to have her period?Male friends may wish to feel through the above cartoon, many male friends also have some understanding of it, female friends during the period of menstruation is not only physical torture, but also very fragile psychologically, so this time must give more care and understanding, but also hope you can be a little more patience.