Adorable idol pet superman gas!Rose dog attracted 2.7 million fans in a fan night sale near Boxian Corgi

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In June 2019, EXO member Baek Hyeon’s Vlog, which was photographed with her pet dog, 룡 Taitae, was viewed more than 5.6 million times. On November 12, 2021, it was also drawn by baek hyeon and released in its accompanying accompanying video.Fans worked hard to get tickets as if they were tickets for the concert, and finally the official change to online booking.In the video uploaded by Boxian on June 15, 2019, he can be seen interacting with menglong, a corgi breed dog. He looks at Menglong with loving eyes and a smile on his face. Almost half of the video is filled with dogs.Before he joined the army, he drew and designed teo-Lae-gi (터래기) characters inspired by his emojis and Imagine Dragons and released a series of accessories.TEOLAEGI has dolls of various sizes, pendants, stickers, mobile phone holders and earphone plugs. Interestingly, each doll has a different name. The 80-size doll is called “I will protect You”.The 20cm doll is called “You have to protect me”. On the first day of sales, fans were hard at work on the same night as the concert. The official follow-up system was changed to appointment system, and the official shopping website was out of stock, which showed the high popularity.GGUNG YI (꿍 taitae) has been a hit with fans since its debut, but after its first appearance on My Life Alone, it also causes a stir with its adorable kiss and handshakes.At the end of September 2021, Tamin also launched its own and GGUNG YI peripheral products. Even people who are not fans are so cute that they want to buy them. He especially shared the process of drawing and designing, which shows that he was very devoted and enjoyed in the process.The collection is called “TAEMARI & AMP;”GGUNG” means chicken and kitten, and if you want to buy the GGUNG fluffy dolls, they are the same as the TAEMARI set, which is very cute on the shelf, and they have their own headdress accessories, and the doll set is sold out.Rose, a member of the South Korean band BLACKPINK, set up an Instagram account for Hank in early December 2020. In just over a year, she has amassed 2.7 million followers.In a playful twist, Rose wrote down the dog’s profile, including his birth date of May 5, 2020, and adoption date of December 2, 2020. He weighs 8.9kg and features a long tail.Not only is it popular on Instagram, but Rose also took Hank to the show, which attracted hosts Such as Hee-chul, Soo-geun and Gyeong-hoon.Rose and Hank held a talent show on the spot. I couldn’t sit down, shake hands, lean on my nose and turn in a circle.