Foshan Nanhai: Xiaotang Police Station organized various forms of anti-fraud propaganda into the community activities

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, The Xiaotang police Station of The South China Sea Public Security Sub-bureau organized 21 villageside anti-fraud publicity volunteer service teams into the area of 43 residential areas, for the area of the masses to send a rich anti-drug anti-fraud Spring Festival “gift package”.Lion city community police officer weeks Jiang Feng introduction, to carry out “no cheat community” to create activities, on January 26, joint village in the lion city police office, housing, district property, head of the village, and social workers volunteers on behalf of the organization to carry out the “nearby the Chinese New Year, I have” activities, and community orientation during the Spring Festival ambience and the organic fusion of propaganda.It is understood that “no fraud community” to create the work of three major recruit, the first recruit is the full coverage of anti-fraud propaganda, into the community, in addition to the red lanterns, can also see anti-fraud red banners, red display boards, and the New Year anti-fraud red envelope;The second recruit is the “anti-fraud propaganda loudspeaker”, using the owner group, the door propaganda loudspeaker and other ways to notify the community of fraud in the first time, so that the masses master fraud prevention skills;The third recruit is the community party member volunteers to visit the New Year, and send anti-drug anti-fraud knowledge propaganda gifts.Zhou Jiangfeng, a police officer, said, “With the support of the government, village residents and the active participation of social workers, the anti-fraud awareness of community residents has been greatly improved, and the anti-fraud community creation activity has benefited more and more residents.”It is reported that the police station in 43 communities set up a total of more than 100 anti-fraud banners, a total of more than 300 households visited residents, distributed more than 3000 leaflets, “no fraud community” to create activities are fully spread.(Li Rubo)