Is the bathroom empty?Tens of yuan admission, but no one dares to go?

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In the past, going outside for a dip in feet, sauna, hot spring are very “lofty” way of rest, do not have money to go to these places to spend money.Later, however, everyone’s life became better, they had more money in their pockets, and these activities became the norm.Especially now everyone’s life, work pressure is relatively large, a lot of people in the rest of the most like to pinch the foot bath, do not mention how comfortable!Say, have a lot of large bath center now, specialized meeting is providing this kind of “one dragon” service, include bath, rub back, bubble hot spring, steam sauna, knead foot, fish cure, massage and so on, even some bath center still is equipped with cafeteria, children recreation area, game hall and so on.Gradually, on days off, parents would take their children to the bathing center to relax and play for a whole day.Of course, this kind of bath center is also classified, the service is better, the place is cleaner, the ticket for one person is hundreds of yuan.And the grade is a little lower, one person dozens of tickets are also very common!Before, this kind of large bath center is very popular, each city has several good reputation bath center, because of the complete service, even some people on business trips do not go to stay in hotels, but specifically buy a bath center ticket, directly in the bath center overnight!At that time, before the door of the bath center, but it was full of vehicles, in the event of holidays, more guests!But, uh, how long has it been since you’ve been to the bathroom?Now some people say that no one wants to go to the bath center anymore!With the development of society and the increasing demand for people to have fun, such “one-stop” bath centers with full service should be very popular. Why no one goes there now?At the end of the day, there are three reasons.First, the environment is dirty and messy, as mentioned above, this kind of “one-stop” bath center services are very complete, there are places for bathing and massage, places for playing, and special sleeping places.As you can imagine, these places can easily be contaminated if they are not cleaned promptly or thoroughly.Also, because of the large flow of people received, some service equipment if not checked and replaced on time, it is also easy to breed bacteria.People who go to the bath center are all in their pajamas after taking a bath. All kinds of equipment and activity areas are in direct contact with the human body, and it is very easy to cross infect each other if there is bacteria.And children’s resistance is weaker, parents are more reluctant to take their children to go.Second, the guests’ messy environment is one thing, and the guests’ messy environment makes many people reluctant to go.For example, if someone comes to the bath center to sleep overnight, it will affect the experience of other guests.Also, some people make indecent behavior in the bath center, which makes the guests’ experience very bad.Third, the price is high. The price of many bath centers is relatively high, even can be described as “black heart”, but the service and price do not match.For example, some bathing centers prepare meals for guests, but the prices are very high.Do you still want to go to the bathroom?Also, there are so many casinos to choose from these days that it’s no wonder no one wants to go to a bath center!So, when was the last time you went to one of these baths?