Liu Xuezhou died of suicide, grandma tears freely, netizens appeal: severely punish Liu Xuezhou’s biological parents!

2022-06-07 0 By

Liu Xuezhou of boy that seek close chooses suicide eventually, this lets everybody feel very accident, at the same time everybody feels abhement more to liu Xuezhou’s biological parents.Liu Xuezhou’s life is very miserable, and the source that causes all these is liu Xuezhou parents cause by oneself.More exasperating is that until now Liu Xuezhou’s parents are still on the network to fabricate lies to excuse themselves, the main responsibility of things are pushed to Liu Xuezhou, this behavior is the biological parents can do it?It is said that tiger poison does not feed children, even animals know how to care for their children, but Liu Xuezhou’s biological parents are extremely disappointing.Many netizens admitted that they were unworthy to be parents and even failed to live up to the most basic principles of being a human being.Liu Xuezhou died the most sad or his grandmother.Liu Xuezhou’s grandmother at the time of hearing this news are old tears, more admitted that it was not easy to gather two thousand dollars to Liu Xuezhou as a travel fee to see his biological parents, but in return is such an outcome.When I heard this, many netizens were moved, and they hated what Liu’s parents had done.Authorities have launched an investigation into Liu’s parents and will hold them criminally responsible for abandoning the baby.Many netizens applauded, hoping that Liu’s biological parents would be punished.What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a message!