Make peace with yourself and you are the best thing in the world

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Do you often despise yourself, in the face of trivial life often helpless sigh?Excoriating perfection in the face of a deformed body?Disheartened by the slings and arrows of fate?Face emotional twists and turns heart haggard?Everyone is burdened with too many responsibilities and obligations, the gap between ideal and reality often makes us feel frustrated, the fast pace of life makes us have to work hard, physical and mental pressure makes the mood always in a high load state.All kinds of anxiety, confusion, confusion in the body breeding spread, they began to abandon themselves.In middle age, we should learn to reconcile with ourselves, correctly view the work and life in the face of various difficulties, to believe that they are the world’s most beautiful existence, only to actively face, continue to strengthen their own to win the world’s gentle waiting.01 Reconciliation with life, be the only yourself in the world “life is not satisfactory, nine times out of ten”, unsatisfactory is the normal life, pain is the only way for each of us, no one can be plain sailing, everything.However, many of us struggle, struggle, and get confused about the perfection of our lives. It’s a very simple principle that everyone knows, but when things happen to us, we get stuck.Eileen Chang said in Half Life Destiny, “When a man reaches middle age, he often feels lonely, because when he opens his eyes, he is surrounded by people who depend on him, but there is no one he can rely on.”A friend complained that my messy husband, troublesome son, and nagging mother-in-law made my life seem like a disaster, and I was a firefighter who had to deal with all kinds of terrible situations.Until she experienced a serious illness and had an Epiphany.”This illness has taught me to reconcile with life,” she said. “My husband is messy but he loves me, my son is naughty but smart, and my mother-in-law is nagging but fortunately healthy.Each of us, as long as we live, we are bound to face a lot of things, helpless, painful, happy, dross, happy…….After these experiences, we can become armor against the pain of life.Each of us is unique in this world. Your birth, experience and knowledge make you unique. However, most of us ignore our own existence.In fact, all our life, we are looking for their own way to wander, there are lost and gain, pain and laughter, do not intentionally magnify the details of loss and pain, do not let the bad mood waste every good life.Life is never perfect, ordinary living itself is a kind of happiness.Reconcile with life, be wise in life, gracefully and calmly enjoy the joy of life, each of us can live out their own wonderful.Everyone loves beauty. Everyone doesn’t want to have a beautiful slacker and a perfect body.There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but being overly critical of your body is another.Not every girl can have a nine-headed body, and not every boy can have eight-pack abs.Most of us are just ordinary people, beauty is not so important, health is the goal we should pursue.Do you know a girl like that?Even if very thin also always dissatisfied with their own body, every meal always mentally counting calories.The Internet is full of bizarre stories about people who go to any lengths to be beautiful: plastic surgery, makeup and dieting.In fact, there is no direct relationship between beauty and career and life. The fat Jia Ling and the potbellied Shen Teng are still the most popular stars on each major platform, and the bald Ge You and Chen Paisei are still people’s favorite drama actors.In addition to the love of beauty, more of us are turning a blind eye to our health. Staying up late watching TV dramas, eating too much and being overworked have even become our daily life.I believe in the news to see a lot of, because of overwork and fell on the job of the workers, also heard because of staying up late gaming cancer cases.I always think that my younger self is far away from those stories, but I don’t know that your indulgence and disregard are overdrawing your body.Always know, whether you are 20 or 40, that no amount of money can buy you good health or good looks.Try to reconcile with your body!Stop obsessing over your perfect body and appearance. Eat as much as you like, but in moderation.Take breaks when you should and don’t ignore your body’s warning.Proper relaxation and rest is to better go to the battlefield of life, adhere to exercise is to better enjoy the beauty of life, the genial sunshine in the morning running will bring you a whole day of vitality and ease.Most of the time, we like to complain, complain about the injustice of fate, poverty, disaster, disease, complain about the work is busy and tired, why the salary is poor, complain about life is difficult, why it is always worse.You know, there is no absolute fairness in this world, even in the very strict Olympic Games, there are often unfair phenomena, what’s more, life is not a sports competition, there are no rules to follow, there is no referee supervision.If fate is not fair, the suffering of Stephen Hawking, the blind Helen Keller, sima Qian forced to be executed in the palace, and which person’s fate is fair?There are those earthquake, flood, car accident, disease survived the people, which one can avoid the mercy of fate?When pain comes, don’t always ask, “Why me?” Han Wrote.Because you didn’t ask that question when happiness came.Actor Yu Haoming had his face injured in an explosion.After the accident, he went into such a state of meltdown that he couldn’t even look at himself in the mirror, was constantly in self-doubt and at one point wanted to take his own life.”All our lives we’ve been held hostage by all sorts of things,” Yu Said at the Joke Convention. “I was held hostage by my looks, and then I was held hostage by my bravery. After all these years, I’ve finally realized that what I need is not compassion, but acceptance of myself.”People in this life, parents are we can not choose to change, we can not predict the disaster and pain.So many people will be unhappy life is attributed to fate, think that everything is destined, it is better to choose to lie down.In fact, this is just a kind of self-deception, to find an excuse to escape from reality.Just think in the human world rush about us, which is not struggling in the water.Adults in the world, who will have their own sorrow, but mature is good at hiding, vicissitudes of life is no tears.Reconciliating with fate is not bowing to the hardships of life, nor does it mean choosing to lie down.When you are tired, you can rest for a while. When you are sad, you can cry bitterly. But no matter what happens, you should face it bravely and calmly, wipe your tears and move on.It’s like scarlett’s famous line in Gone with the Wind: “After all, tomorrow is another day.” Because it’s worth it.As time goes by, we will forgive those who have hurt us, we have to forget the past in time, let go of clinging, learn to reconcile with themselves.Always believe that you are unique in this world and that no one can replace you.In this life, we go through pain and sorrow, but at the same time choose reconciliation and forgiveness.Always listen to your inner voice, be true to yourself, and live a different life.