The second DLC of Red Solstice: Survivor was released by The Condatis Group with a new patch

2022-06-07 0 By

Today, Ironward’s sequel to 2015’s best-selling real-time strategy game, Solstice 2: Survivor, published by 505 Games, officially launches the Condatis Group DLC, the second of four premium DLC planned for the game, available as a standalone purchase on Steam or as a season pass.In addition, a new patch was released to improve the overall gaming experience.According to the official description, Red Solstice: Survivor redefines real-time strategy gaming by combining limited action with rigorous strategy in claustrophobic Spaces, and allowing players to fight individually or in teams of up to eight.Players continue to fight for Mars in the new campaign, this time as a powerful psychic employed by the Condatus Corporation.He must fight mutants infected with the STROL virus, defeat Saffron’s army, and survive a new enemy lurking in the shadows.Use powerful psionic combat to throw objects, teleport enemies, and unleash hallucinogenic explosions.Swamped by hordes of enemies?Call in the mercenaries of the Condatus Group to support, crushing opponents by sheer numbers.Advance and retreat with VLAK HQ, a mobile base station that follows players throughout the world map and battle.But be warned, VLAK will get hurt.In conjunction with the RELEASE of the DLC, we also released a new patch that will bring improvements to the overall gaming experience, including WASD controls that have previously been well received by gamers.The Condatis Group DLC and Howell Barres Company DLC, the first two of the four premium DLC planned for Solstice 2: Survivor, are currently on sale at 20% off, or season passes can be purchased at 20% off if you want to experience the entire DLC.