“Dry goods” off the list of secrets

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Lantern Festival is a romantic festival in Chinese traditional festivals. Young girls in traditional society are not allowed to go out freely, but they can go out together to enjoy the festival. Lantern Festival is a chance to make friends, and unmarried men and women can also look for a date by watching lanterns.During the Lantern Festival, it is a time for young men and women to meet their lovers.So the Lantern Festival can be said to be the authentic Chinese Valentine’s Day.So, the question comes, tomorrow is the Lantern Festival (Valentine) Day after finding the object, how to express?Yuanxiao (lover) is a good time to take off a single if you still don’t understand how to do can try to borrow some of the film and television play in the chat line to the other side show sincerity shortly before the fire of domestic TV series “start” to now people relish the show in addition to bring everyone the ups and downs of the plot can also be used to express left left left there are left left left down down down down down “long-distance love,”The most important thing about a long-distance relationship is that you always have someone in your heart no matter how far away you are. You can say, “I may come to you later than I thought,”Pretending to be a Couple” Shy people are usually slow to show affection, but such feelings are often sincere. Once you’ve decided that someone is serious, you can say, “I’m afraid to bother you, but please forgive me,Because I can’t endure not to share with you the joy “love actually brave friend can try do offline way of flowers, watching movies, dinner, take a walk about and so on are good options but remember no girls can refuse to the gentleman you can plan ahead your plan ready ticket active food when having a meal in the shell food can help peel good talk not with language……The global hot love speak interesting friend can prepare some interesting small stories, games, ready to laugh with each other such as written in 5201314 a love word or use a small feat to express their feelings to the words left left left can be a homophonic terrier left left left love not complex may be the crowd took a look that can also be moving in the morning eveningBoth long life lover will eventually sink in this short life a source (figure @ believers blindfolded) pepper sister sincerely wish a pair here shall be well, jack shall have Jill single woman in the nearby ▐ editor: pepper brother younger sister, pepper ▐ coordinating editor: Qiu Yonghao ▐ source: @ believers blindfolded douban ▐ statement: in this paper, starting from chengdu green peppers unauthorized Shall not be reproduced