Love maran song all over the mountains

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People’s Daily Online Baoding February 10 (Zhang Jihang) 10 days, small LAN returned to Malan.The spring breeze is warm, the snow in the mountains is not completely melting, the rouge River water slowly drip, the mountain has sprouted some green buds.”Sometimes the river is as wide as it is, and it just keeps running. It’s so lovely.”Deng Xiaolan smiled, with two fingers than out about 20 cm distance.On February 4, 44 children from Fuping County, Baoding city, Hebei Province, staged the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. They sang the Olympic anthem in Greek, stunning the world and stirring the village.At the gate of malan Village, a “Advancing with The Times” display board was also hung, with pictures of children performing, and words such as “Lifting off poverty is not the end, but the starting point of a new life and a new struggle” and “Moving towards the future together”.Malan village to participate in the performance of most of the children live in this community, the pillars are 7-story buildings, with elevators.The villagers gathered in small groups, telling stories about Chinese New Year and talking about the babies who had come back from Beijing.Bai Yinchang, 8 years old, arrived home on the evening of The 5th. As soon as she entered the door, she hugged her mother and talked about what she had seen in Beijing.”How is Beijing?””Good!”Every time someone asked about Beijing, Bai Yinchang began to talk: “Beijing has the bird’s nest, there are tall buildings, there are many delicious food, there are many foreigners, very friendly……”After coming home, mother Liang Linfang also pleasantly surprised to discover her change, personality becomes lively and outgoing, small clothes can wash themselves, bedding also folded neatly.When her family asked her to sing the song, She would stand in the middle of the room, clean up her clothes and hair, and sing loudly, shaking her body from side to side as she did during the performance.Bai Yinchang took a photo with her parents holding the “Bing Dwen Dwen” she brought back from Beijing.Nearly 80 years old, Deng Xiaolan still often recalls a thing when she was a child.When Deng Xiaolan was in primary school, she and her classmates drew on the wall with pens and were criticized by the school. After school, the teacher told her mother ding Yilan about the incident.After returning home, Ding Yilan found a magazine and read to her an article called “Talk after Trial”, which roughly means that after a man was sentenced for his son’s crime, he regretted that he had not educated his son earlier and made him embark on the road to crime.Mother said while shed tears, tears also flow into Deng Xiaolan’s heart, she often mentioned this matter in her composition, but also always remind themselves to “love the motherland, love the people”, take good care of public property, abide by public discipline, do a person beneficial to the society.Each generation has its own mission and responsibility.After graduating from university, Deng Xiaolan, who majored in chemistry, was determined to “go where the motherland needs” and was eventually assigned to a pharmaceutical factory in Tai ‘an, Shandong province. She worked for 25 years until she returned to Beijing at the age of 50.When Deng Xiaolan came of age and told her friends about her childhood painting, they would joke that her teacher had buried a “Chinese Picasso”.In fact, Deng Xiaolan still keeps painting, and her drawing board is in Malan Village.Malan village party branch secretary, village director Sun Zhisheng said that years ago malan village were dry toilets, schools are wood and stone structure of earthen houses.In 2004, when deng Xiaolan heard that the school building in the village had broken down, she mobilized her younger brother and sister, both working class, to raise more than 40,000 yuan to build a seven-room school building in the village, so that the children could study in peace.She also encouraged folks installed sanitary toilet at home, took pains to tell everyone about the path of the tourism income, now again design “malan” red “music” malan “ecological malan” three card, hope to be able to form such as mountain climbing competition held by art troupe performances, attract visitors, undivided attention to help folks to get rich.”I teach my children music so that they can grow up happily, develop skills and knowledge, and when life is quiet, I hope they can settle down and study hard, and eventually use the knowledge they have learned to change their hometown.”Deng Xiaolan said, it is often thought of his father with migraines acupuncture while writing, the parents for their own education is subtle, she insists on the happy, insist on the singing, adhere to the thing that all can work hard to achieve, is hope children can learn to “adhere to the” forever “love motherland, love people,”We will pass on the cause forged by our ancestors and the spirit of striving for our ideals from generation to generation.”Ten years later,” the white zihui wrote for his notes.”Hello everyone, I have grown up. I am 20 years old now. I participated in the Winter Olympics when I was 10 years old.”After the small actor Bai Zihui went home, imagine 10 years later wrote down the above paragraph of their own.She said that the stage at the Bird’s Nest was as beautiful as the Moon Stage in Malan, and that she would be a singer in 10 years’ time, singing with her children on the moon stage just like Deng.Eighteen years like a song, Deng Xiaolan has sown the seeds of music in Malan. Now the children with love and hope have spread their beautiful songs to Malan, the surrounding mountains and the whole world.