Ningbo Qingming Day outing, these 10 scenic picnic camping sites to enjoy the good time of spring

2022-06-08 0 By

It is said that it rains a lot during Tomb-sweeping day, but I have looked at the weather in advance. This year’s Tomb-sweeping day in Ningbo is indeed a rare good weather, with a light breeze, sunny days and comfortable temperature. You can enjoy the good time in spring, and the most indispensable nature is outing and camping and picnic.Ningbo ten adjusted for everybody today I think is very worth a visit of camping sites and xu rock step cloud valley is located in fenghua xikou snow DouShan, 5 a grade scenic spot, can see the first organ in the east, play glass road and rock climbing, scenery beautiful, project, barbecue, camping, picnic, and rv accommodation fine silk in Yin jiang town, the city drive half hour or so, scenery good,Ningbo is known as the chinchillas forest, green wonderland.Clear river, the trees are green, the mountain is located in xiangshan road flyover is extremely picnics, camping, is far away from downtown, one side is mountain, one side is the sea, the middle road, meet the needs of all literature youth, between walking together in the mountain, it is highly recommended in the seaside highway driving, remember to listen to the sunset boulevard, perfect fit under strict village is located in haishu district, not far from downtown,Here and fine silk is the hottest summer ningbo travel sites, but not so hot spring, start early, or you can find a suitable camping sites of qinshan village this year new fire up a web celebrity campsite, scenery is good, but I heard that has begun to collect fees, and prohibit the night, many things,You think want to go to ecological park is located in beilun chunxiao, place is not particularly large, but there is a inland sea, the sea is blue, Peugeot is one and a half into the water and taking photos out under very tasty pavilion reservoir is located in fenghua xikou, ningbo’s red place last fall, a lonely tree refresh, scenery is very beautiful indeed, now in the past, also can see cherry blossoms in the lake.The lake is very clear, just like a huge jade, super beautiful rose village lies in the same village, the distance under the pavilion near the reservoir, the village has a lot of big and small puddles, is also a super suits summer camping places, but now is in the past, will not feel very abrupt flower openmindedness island is located in the ningbo xiangshan, need to take a ferry to the island fame is not big, but the scenery is very beautiful,It is one of the three major volcanic rock native landforms in the world and has a vast feeling.There are many suitable camping sites on the island, you can choose your favorite place Dongqian Lake should not be introduced, the popularity is great, the scenery is beautiful, the only fly in the ointment is too many people, there may be a place on weekdays, but certainly no place on weekends