Only after eating these delicious foods can I leave my hometown

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“Work again when you’re full!”The festive New Year holiday is just around the corner and it’s time to go to work/prepare to go to school.”Eat these, only willing to part with or use away from home” and is left their villages or are you in the New Year with the taste of the home to eat satisfied to go to work 1 “pig foot powder” a pig feet a powder, large pig feet warm heart, full of collagen, hot cutting powder in a bowl soaking in the pig feet soup, a warm heart.>>> With preference, plus chili, can inspire this bowl of pork foot powder fragrance, large and small pig foot powder stalls, it is not located in the heart of the township taste.2 “fried 籺” favorite fried with a mix of hot fried soft delicious snacks, crisp and fragrant with a strong and sesame aroma, has been from small to large to eat not greasy delicious.In addition, it can also be put for a few days, so it is better to bring a little, and eat slowly on the way away from home. 3 “Egg powder with sugar water” sweet and crisp idol group drink sugar water how can you get less egg powder, sweet and crisp suitable egg powder with cool sugar water, it can be described as the most sweet idol group in Qinzhou.As long as you drink a bowl of ice cold sugar water, and a mouthful of egg powder, the evening of comfortable life officially began.Winter to a bowl, is also cool to the addiction, belongs to the top of the cold wind also do not want to miss the old taste of home.I know that Qinzhou never lacks seafood and never lacks powder. When the two are integrated, it certainly occupies a place in Qinzhou powder.Fresh seafood brings the ultimate umami flavor, embellishing the most addictive reason for a bowl of seafood powder, wrapping the smooth and delicious vermicillum in it. It’s intense, rich and good to the bottom of the bowl.Especially when it comes to seafood ingredients, whether you’re hungry on a crisp morning or late at night, there’s no shortage of satisfaction.5 “the surface” good food and instant noodles image | little red book @ nanning five like I don’t know how to say goodbye to the somebody else is a karting club, anyway, when I was young, if want to eat instant noodles, she would come over and I said: “eat what instant noodles, unhealthy, I cook some noodles for you, the surface is the same.”Amma is right, the noodles are the same, and in my personal eyes it is more delicious than instant noodles, the most favorite is the noodles wonton, dried noodles and so on, each has different delicious.Refreshing fans, aroma, and production fast, when there is no time to go to school or work, always will cook a bowl, eat full to greet the new day.6 “pig intestines powder” a good day, can start from it from small to large eat not greasy delicious, not lingshan drop pig intestines powder, of course, this pig intestines is not from the pig body, just a plate of Q bullet rice intestines, like pig intestines.The crisp and pliable skin is folded layer upon layer, bringing rich taste, full of muscle, and rich fillings can be seen under the transparent skin.The sauce, the sweet and sour flavor in the mouth, the combination of the powdered sausage everything is just right.8 “Tanggao 籺” The brown sugar between the lips and teeth is full of sweet brown sugar 籺. Under the rich aroma of brown sugar, it is soft and sweet but not greasy. Although it is a little sticky, I really love this sweet mouthful when I was a child.Whether eaten cold, steamed or fried, they are sweet and chewy.9 “Pubei Rice powder” rice crisp big plump glutinous rice fried into a crisp mouth flatbread, round like a bright moon in general beautiful, eat up rice fragrance overflow, crisp sweet.When leaving home, it is better to leave this rice fragrance on the tip of the tongue and in the heart.Mutual dynamic words | | | topic # # what is your deepest memory hometown flavor welcome comments area talk:)