The world did not expect, Putin before the plane, the first to send China two generous gifts, the United States and Europe jealous

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With the passage of time, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has entered the final stage, venue layout, preparation for the opening ceremony, infrastructure construction has been drawn to the end.A few days ago, international dignitaries and athletes from all countries set foot on the plane to Beijing, many countries have moved into the “winter Olympic village” prepared in advance, they said, “hope to achieve results in the competition, win glory for the country.”Among many leaders coming to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a heavyweight guest, according to Russian President press secretary Peskov pointed out that “President Putin has boarded the plane to China, is making preparations for the comprehensive talks later.”However, to the surprise of the whole world, putin gave China two lavish gifts before his appointment, which were the envy of European and American countries.Due to historical factors and the influence of common ideology, China and Russia have been getting closer and closer over the years. Trade has reached a new height and diplomatic relations have never been stronger.President Vladimir Putin, who was the first to speak out in support of China over the Beijing Winter Olympics and oppose the “politicization of sports competitions” by western countries, has boarded a flight to Beijing.New Delhi: Russia has signed a coal import and export agreement with India that will increase its coal exports to India from 6 million tons to 40 million tons in the next 10 years and is currently discussing the same issue with China, Deputy Energy Minister Peter Bobelie said on January 26.Russia’s coal exports have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, from 4% of global exports to 16%.Separately, Gazprom said it set a single-day record for deliveries to China on January 18, thanks to its cooperation with Chinese gas companies.The “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline is the link between the two countries. According to the effective implementation of the project, Gazprom and CNPC plan to transport 38 billion cubic meters of gas per year by 2035.The United States and Europe are greedy for Russia’s two big luxury gifts, it can be said that it is to give enough face to China.At a time of global energy crisis, China’s access to an endless supply of energy is no doubt a recipe for failure for countries like the US and Europe.Early last year, an energy crisis swept the world, with Europe and other places hardest hit.There are two reasons for this. First, the United States has been cutting back on energy exports, leaving many parts of Europe without efficient energy supplies and causing prices to soar.Second, Europe’s energy reserves and reserves are so scarce that even the wind power on which it depends cannot work all year round.European gas prices have risen by 600%, and some of Europe’s marginalized countries have even become “energy poor”, unable to survive the harsh winter.Europe imports nearly 40% of its natural gas from Russia, data show.Given Russia’s cheap and cheap gas, China and Russia have agreed to deal more and more gas each year than many Americans and Europeans would like.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu