At the age of 65, zhao Jinsheng, a famous crosstalk artist, had a daughter, and kang Wansheng, a famous Peking Opera artist, performed at the 100-day banquet

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The 72-year-old crosstalk master Meng Fangui made a rare appearance on TV on April 5 to clarify the rumors about his relationship with well-known crosstalk actor Guo Degang. He said that he had a good relationship with Guo Degang and that his apprentice also worked for him, breaking the rumors.Yesterday, cross talk is a good news, crosstalk, a 65 – year – old famous jin-sheng zhao old than female, for the daughter held a more grand feast, one hundred days from the point of the pictures of netizen exposure, gathered at the scene, a 70 – year – old Beijing Opera masters Kang Wansheng field and good sword sharp enough. The old man, a mouth all show you elegant demeanour, impress the audience burst of applause.As a matter of fact, Zhao Jinsheng gave birth to his daughter, which Lao Wang once said on the live broadcast, many netizens do not believe it.Now it has been confirmed.Now, zhao Jin, 65 years old, gave birth to a girl, which is also a great event in the crosstalk circle, making people very envious.Speaking of Zhao Jinsheng, I believe we are familiar with him. He is a big disciple of Mr. Fan Zhenyu, a crosstalk artist, and also appeared on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala.Last year, however, there was a heated debate over whether crosstalk actor Shi Xiaojun could be considered a disciple of Fan Zhenyu. Two of Fan’s disciples, Gao Feng and Liu Chunshan, disagreed about the identity of Shi Xiaojun. The two sides shouted at each other and presented evidence to each other.As Mr. Fan Zhenyu’s big disciple, Mr. Zhao Jinsheng rarely appeared on stage in these years, but he still held a special crosstalk show for master every year to commemorate master, which is very admirable. He really accomplished the father-son feat of master and apprentice.In fact, a few days ago Meng Fangui was also grateful to Mr. Fan Zhenyu and master Gao Yingpei in an interview. Meng Fangui once mentioned that when he got married, he supported a guest for himself for a day, so that he is still unforgettable. The spirit of the older generation of crosstalk masters is really moving.Anyway, I wish Mr. Zhao Jinsheng happy birth of his daughter again. I also hope the crosstalk industry can be more prosperous and there will be more excellent works to meet you in the future.