Cold ground to stick to the New Year, from China’s northernmost fire rescue station New Year’s greetings

2022-06-09 0 By

China’s Arctic, here the lowest winter temperature minus 52.3 degrees Celsius, frost-free period only 85 days.It is also a famous tourist attraction, attracting more than 2 million tourists from all over the country every year.Here is the fire rescue station with the highest latitude in China, the coldest winter and the northernmost. “Arctic Fire Protection” protects the safety of the people under its jurisdiction, and still sticks to the post during the Spring Festival.In order to create a peaceful and joyful festival atmosphere and ensure that the people in the area have a safe and happy Spring Festival, the fire fighters of Beijicun Fire rescue Station in Mohe City, Greater Hinggan Mountains practiced the Arctic fire fighting spirit of “not to be blown by cold wind, not to be crushed by snow and ice, and not to be moved by extreme cold”.They mainly serve the local people and tourists, in addition to the daily duty patrol and fire rescue tasks, but also undertake 16 square kilometers of mountains, water, ice, snow areas and other four special rescue missions, they protect the safety of the people in the northernmost part of the motherland.Beiji Village is a featured tourist attraction, attracting tourists from all over the country.In order to better communicate with tourists from all over the country, the “Arctic Fire Fighters” have developed a special skill — learning dialects from all over the country.Learning the dialect, on the one hand to understand, on the other hand to speak, so as to facilitate communication with tourists across the world.In the past few years, firemen have taken advantage of the opportunities such as publicity of fire protection in scenic spots and opening of barracks to establish the “one million volunteer Firefighting alliance” dominated by tourists from all over the country, so that tourists from all over the country can bring fire safety knowledge back to their hometowns and bring it to relatives and friends, so as to improve the national awareness of fire safety.At present, the number of tourist volunteer firefighting union is 130,000.”Arctic Fire protection” started from a fire station with 1 person at the beginning, to a fire station with 3 people, and now it has a “service window for people” with 7 people. Generations of Arctic fire protection workers have persevered and contributed quietly in the remote and extremely cold conditions.Source: Harbin News reporter: Wang Tiejun editor: Liu Yixuan