February 26 luliang weather early know

2022-06-09 0 By

Today is Saturday, February 26th. Let’s take a look at the weather.At 6 o ‘clock this morning, Luliang qing, temperature -2℃, north wind level 4-5, relative humidity 39%.It is expected that it will be sunny today, with the highest temperature of 6℃ and the northwest wind level of 3-4. It will be sunny tonight, with the lowest temperature of -6℃ and light breeze.As for air quality, at 6 am this morning, the AQI index was 82, indicating good air quality, and the air quality will continue to be good in the next 24 hours.Suitable for window ventilation and outdoor sports.[Edit: Bai Lihong] Yellow River News network Yellow River News Network Luliang channel Shanxi Provincial Party committee social situation public opinion channel