Jing Junhai: can’t afford to lose loose can’t wait to launch a general offensive to resolutely fight and win the changchun society clearance battle

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On the afternoon of April 2, Jing Junhai, Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, hosted a video conference on the promotion of the decisive phase of the battle against the epidemic in Changchun.He stressed that the party members and cadres at various levels shall earnestly the thought and action in changchun to xi jinping, general secretary of the epidemic’s important speech spirit of important instructions, in accordance with the requirements for deployment Sun Chunlan deputy prime minister, keep mobilization, assembled and charge, such as can’t afford to lose, loose shall not, cannot drive launched assault, resolutely play win changchun social reset to be completed.Provincial CPPCC Chairman Jiang Zelin attended the meeting.At the meeting, Li Bin, head of the Jilin Working group of the Joint Prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council and deputy director of the NHC, put forward work requirements.Zhang Zhijun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee, made arrangements for epidemic prevention and control.Jiutai District Party Committee is mainly responsible for reporting experience and practice.Leaders of the Party Committees of Siping, Tonghua and Meihekou made statements on the epidemic prevention and control work in The kuangcheng District, Green Park and economic zone of Changchun.JingJunHai pointed out that the changchun city to realize to ensure social significance of reset for the provincial epidemic prevention and control the overall situation, the more firmly in mind and action on more accurate, more solid style, firmly implement the “dynamic reset” general policy, in accordance with the “promotions controls, unified command, classification ShiCe, concentrated crucial” overall train of thought,To take “global static management, fully nucleic acid detection, fully adjustable screen, a clean kill,” leak bare all the comprehensive prevention and control measures, by county (city, area) as the main body in the fight, with small area of the combat unit, in a park, by the open area wide, green city, nine area as the key point, such as one node crucial breakthrough, final run-off epidemic prevention and control in changchun battle.Jing junhai stressed that the elimination of social gatherings as soon as possible is a key step to win the final victory of the Defense of Changchun.To establish a provincial, city and district integration flat epidemic prevention and control command system, further improve the provincial leaders packages to the county (city, area), municipal leaders packages to street (township), county leaders packages to the community, county (city, area) counterpart support work mechanism, siping, tonghua, mei mouth of a task force to be formed to direct and support KuanCheng, green garden, the drive to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control.We must promptly resolve prominent problems such as slow isolation and transport, thoroughly remove bottlenecks, fill up blind spots, and tackle difficult problems, review the implementation of all measures, and resolutely prevent problems from leaking out of control or relapses.We should focus on epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood at the same time, fulfill the four requirements, and ensure people’s basic livelihood and medical needs in a coordinated way.We will strengthen the chain of responsibility for our work, reward and put in place officials who have performed well and come to the top, and hold those who are negligent or perfunctory to account.Jing stressed that the fight against the epidemic in Changchun is a systematic project, and the whole province must work together as one piece of chess.Local governments should continue to provide support in nucleic acid testing, isolation sites, daily supplies and anti-epidemic forces, and work with Changchun to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties together.Special working groups should stick to problem-oriented approach and take more targeted and practical measures to help Changchun tide over the crisis and defeat the epidemic.Members of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee, related vice governors, provincial leaders of all counties (cities, districts) and development zones of Changchun and changchun leaders attended the meeting.Source: JISHitong client Changchun published editor: Liu Su Na Editor: Chen Sixiu proofread: Wang Genyue supervisor: Xie Xiaohui