The top islamic State leader has killed himself

2022-06-09 0 By

ABU Ibrahim Hashemi Qureshi, the top leader of the Islamic State group, killed himself in a US raid in northwestern Syria on Sunday night, US President Joe Biden said On Wednesday.Biden issued a brief statement on The morning of The 3rd, announcing the us counter-terrorism operation and qureshi’s death.Photos posted by the White House on social media showed Biden and Vice President Harry Harris watching the operation from the Situation Room at the White House on Sunday night.Speaking later at the White House, Biden said he ordered the Defense Department to deploy special forces to conduct a “targeted killing” of Qureshi.During the U.S. operation, Qureshi blew himself up, killing his family.The operation was carried out by a special operations team under the US Central Command, Us Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement Wednesday.In October 2019, ABU Bakr al-Baghdadi, then the top leader of the Islamic State, was killed by U.S. special forces during a military operation in northwest Syria.The Islamic State then named Qureshi as its top leader.Source: Xinhua Client Editor: Chen Shuyu