Three Spanish sinners!Chinese fans anxious, siege officer bo + query Wu Lei: interesting

2022-06-09 0 By

In round 25 of la Liga, espanyol failed to win against Sevilla, although a point result was acceptable.But many Chinese fans were not happy, after all, they waited 90 minutes, also did not see Wu Lei, which made them siege the Spanish official bo, angry against the Spanish coach, there are fans expect Spain demoted!Espanyol have won 7, drawn 7 and lost 10 in their first 24 games, scoring 29 goals and conceding 34. With a goal difference of -5, espanyol are 14th in the league on 28 points and, although seemingly safe from relegation, have yet to win in 2020.Sevilla, favourites to win this season’s title, are second in La Liga on 50 points from 24 rounds, just seven points behind Real Madrid, who have played a game more.Wu Lei in the recent completely lost position, this game, Wu Lei is still on standby on the bench, 15 consecutive rounds of La Liga can not start.Have to say, he has completely lost coach Moreno’s trust, to know, Wu Lei has not represented the team for a long time in the league debut.As for Wu lei, he had the chance to leave espanol at the winter window and was reportedly offered an olive branch by Aravis, but strangely, he chose not to leave and remained with espanol.I have to say, this is not a wise decision.From the Spanish front field configuration, Wu Lei has no chance to rank in the first, his appearance is not as good as Thomas and Puaddo, and Merendo, Verena, di Mata more favored by the coach.This game for the first time to Wu Lei camera, Wu Lei sat on the bench, applauding for teammates, visible, Wu Lei’s team spirit or let people admire, however, he did not have the opportunity to appear, in Spain’s state of depression, also affected Wu Lei in the top 12 tournament state.In the 69th minute, the camera cut to the sideline, where Vidal and Merendo were warming up, but Wu did not get up.Eventually, the two teams 1-1 draw, the coach did not give Wu Lei the opportunity.This game, Cabrera defensive errors lead to the loss of the ball, Thomas’s own style is too unique, and the manager has a problem with personnel, can be called the Spaniards 3 big sinners.After the game, one fan wrote on Weibo, “I just want to ask Wu Lei if he has any opinions about staying like this.Is there a will?Interesting?Does it make sense?If you think Wu lei is capable of getting more chances than he is now, please give a thumbs up. If you think Wu Lei really doesn’t deserve to play, please leave a comment.”Another fan said, “The Spanish don’t cherish Wu Lei. Why can’t he be rented out or transferred?”Another fan said, “Don’t pay attention anymore. I won’t show up anyway.”