“Beauty in the North” hit the air, the old Jinan screen

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The wind 7 PM every night is the north has brigade theater hit the north with the wind “is a famous writer Zhao Dongling and famous director the bidding was fast to create a great drama in the affliction of self-help, the play from jinan shandong clique in the mid – 1820 – s warlords into the old writing, tells the story of a wealthy woman living folk affliction, self-help saga.”Beauty in the North” shows the unique local customs and historical changes of the old Jinan, many stories in the history of Jinan, such as the disaster of The dog general Zhang Zongchang, Han Fu Zhu Lu, the May third Massacre, the Battle of Jinan, as well as the historical grand occasion of Jinan Qushan Art Sea, are vividly displayed in the play.Scriptwriter Zhao Dongling: “The North has a beautiful woman” used to name “Jinan story” “the north has a beautiful woman” scriptwriter Zhao Dongling said that this TV play in the planning, creation stage, once named “Jinan story”.About the TV series tailored for Jinan, she placed many of her feelings for “home”.Zhao Dongling said, “I want to highlight the importance of love and righteousness, great benevolence and great love of Jinan people, and promote the excellent traditional culture of Quancheng and the filial piety, fraternity and human love based on this cultural concept through the process of Jiping from a rich family to the folk and the care and help of Jinan people to Yu Jiping.”Director Wang Wenjie: Try our best to restore the life scenes of old Jinan, such as Grand View Garden, Scissors Lane and railway station. It is almost impossible to build these buildings in jinan’s old city in today’s high-rise jinan.Director Wang Wenjie said, “As a jinan native, I have a stronger desire to shoot jinan stories in Jinan than anyone else.But when we visited Jinan many times, it didn’t work.”Helpless, wang led the cast to the south, in wuxi Film and Television City to build three old streets of the Republic of China.In addition to reproducing the architectural features of jinan’s old city as authentic as possible, the production team also focused on creating the regional cultural atmosphere of Jinan at that time. The prosperity of commercial ports, the splendor of mountains and art seas, and the living environment of spring water and willow trees are all reflected in the plot and background.Shandong pianology career television zhenhai kou pianology masters in the north with the wind “for the first time will be classified as intangible cultural heritage of shandong pianology onto the screen, and permeate throughout, in addition, the quintessence of Peking Opera, shandong ballad and systematically into the play, to the full period of the republic of China, jinan old QuanYeChang prosperity and flourish.Kou Zhenhai, a famous actor, plays Yin Chengru, a famous teacher of Shandong Qinshu who contributes his life to the development of opera.Young Yin Chengru has a rough emotional experience, but also because of this experience created a “Shandong piano book famous”, he is persistent in his own career, seriously cultivate the heroine “Ji Ping”, and cultivate a generation of famous actors.”Beauty in the North” from beginning to end is full of thick feelings, Kou Zhenhai as the master and “send ping” between the teacher and father moving story, is a big point of the play is very touching, very worth looking forward to.Interactive screen shot lucky prize list!If you participate in the screen shooting interaction, you will have a chance to win a lucky prize!The list of recent winners has been released, everyone hurry to watch!31 jan 26 – the audience winners of peace is a blessing 929 hing square and round laugh decade less west building good full moon acacia and idle sorrow two small red flowers intentionally Zhang Xi bridge Zhang Chunbo zhang lp all ancient and modern songs and smiles warm sunshine speeding forward cold red stamp. Enlightenment is to beat the lifeblood of watch crop small make up have contacted all the winning audience please in 48 separatelyCall customer service within hours to register winning information oh!Next up, stay tuned for the hit TV show “Beautiful In the North” and win some big prizes!Lucky visitors will receive a free hair dye gift package worth RMB 400 provided by Zhencao Hall, first in first served!The rules are simple,With small make up operating 12345 ~ every night television dramas during scanning the qr code on the screen (channel is the qr code below oh ~) focus on shandong TV, travel channel taps lucky Numbers such as the bottom of the screen under such different lucky Numbers every day lucky will bring you different photos sent to shandong wen brigade WeChat public channel number is such drops a night see play actively involved in the interaction, more participation, more message winning chance greatly increased oh!Every night at 7 o ‘clock lock wenlv channel to watch Wenlv theater “Beauty in the North” screen interactive prize, the whole family share!